IMDC: High-Speed Expansion, Long-Term Focus
Iron Mountain Data Centers
Data Centre Hosting/co-location Supplier of the Year
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Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) is a leading global colocation provider, with cloud-rich facilities in 13 markets on three continents and EMEA sites in the UK, the Netherlands and Germany. We design and build tailored infrastructure packed data centers with interconnected ecosystems to enable a profitable digital future for our customers. As a proud part of Iron Mountain Incorporated, a long-standing world leader in the secure management of data and assets which is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 1000, our focus is on building long-term trust, and we lead the industry in data security, next-generation compliance and renewable power.

In the last two years IMDC has invested over $2 billion in growth, securing 325,000 square meters (3.5 million sqft) of gross capacity. Key investments included I/O ($1.3 billion); CS Assets ($100 million); EvoSwitch ($235 million); Phoenix expansion ($460 million).

We had a strong expansion and growth focus during 2019. A 22MW Frankfurt data land purchase was closed and construction started; the initial phase of a 60MW hyperscale-ready Phoenix campus expansion and a major new facility in Singapore were completed in Q3, and 4MW of new-build capacity was added in Amsterdam and London. Development capex through 2019 was $250 million.

Globally, our facilities currently offer 150MW of power capacity with almost 350MW total potential capacity. Revenues from Data Center activities grew from less than 1% of Group revenues in 2017 (total revenues: $3.85 bn) to 5.8% of Group revenues in 2018 (FY figures 2019 not yet released)

Magnetic Partners
IMDC offers 100% cloud and carrier neutrality, with easy and cost-effective interconnection to hundreds of carriers, content and cloud partners. These include hyperscale cloud providers like Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle and Virtustream; multiple cloud exchanges such as AMS-IX, Epsilon, IX Reach, LINX, Megaport and PacketFabric; and member-rich internet exchanges like AMS-IX, LINX, and NL-IX.

“The Iron Mountain carrier ecosystem is extremely valuable. Getting everyone to peer in the carrier-rich meet-me room is definitely good for our business. Thanks to a great extent to Iron Mountain we have been able to deliver a high-quality network while keeping costs to a minimum, and they are also well placed to help us with the next technical challenges in our development.”
Rens Ariens, Founder and CEO, Yisp

Iron Mountain has also had significant successes in expanding hyperscale partnerships this year. In April Iron Mountain won the Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year award for AI and Machine Learning. Iron Mountain combined its expertise in data and content management with Google Cloud's AI and machine learning capabilities to develop Iron Mountain InSight™. Iron Mountain InSight is one of the first cloud native, subscription-based platforms that ingests physical and digital content from multiple data sources, correlates data across the sources, uses machine learning models for speed and scale of analysis, classification, enrichment and correlation and allows access through multimedia dashboards for simplicity and visualization.

In July Iron Mountain also joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) as a Select Technology Partner, enabling customers to accelerate their digital transformation journey with AWS.

"We're delighted to recognize Iron Mountain as the Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for AI & Machine Learning for their innovative work on behalf of Google Cloud customers over the past year. Our ecosystem of partners is driving tremendous innovation, and Iron Mountain InSight is a great example."
Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Ecosystem at Google Cloud

Uncompromising Service and Standards
Iron Mountain prides itself on its exceptional customer trust levels and service focus, offering 99,999% uptime and a full range of third-party standards, conducting constant reviews and refreshes to ensure that the company operates to the most demanding international compliance requirements across all customer sectors. The IMDC certification program guarantees world-leading security, uptime, performance, efficiency, business administration and continuity procedures, along with premium connectivity and a secure and sustainable physical environment. Third party standards include HIPAA, FISMA High, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, ISO 27001, 5001, 14001, 9001, Open-IX and relevant IX certifications, and SOC 2/3.

“We trust Iron Mountain to the same extent that our clients trust us, and we would not consider any other provider.”
Willem Drijver, CAM CEO

“Iron Mountain is not for everybody – lots of our customers don’t really know about the infrastructure side of things, and they are not particularly interested. But for customers that know how important good quality infrastructure is, our collaboration with Iron Mountain is a significant plus and that helps our marketing and sales effort. Unlike many service providers, Iron Mountain has improved with age, becoming more responsive and flexible, and our relationship has deepened over the years, mainly due to the quality of the Account Management.”
Mart van Santen, Founder and CEO, Greenhost

Cloud Innovation and Opportunities
Our data centres are designed to address the full spectrum of customer requirements from retail colo to wholesale and hyperscale, with the ability to expand and support enterprises and cloud services. Our neutral interconnection commitment is already driving higher levels of traffic for our carrier partners. In Amsterdam, for instance, which provides the highest density of tier-1 data centre colocation of any European city, Iron Mountain AMS-1 has outperformed all other players in terms of customer traffic growth and has been awarded Gold Partner status by AMS-IX for the last five years. To qualify, companies have to introduce over 20 new members or 100GE of new port capacity. Current AMS-IX traffic at the AMS-1 facility peaks just below 900 Gigabits per second, growing the fastest of any facility in the region.

“In a few short years Iron Mountain and AMS-IX have achieved great things together, not only in terms of interconnection growth, which has been impressive, but in building a deep and innovative relationship where the levels of trust are high enough for us to try out new technologies and solutions together.”
Peter van Burgel, AMS-IX CEO

Industry Leadership in Sustainability and Green Power Pass
IMDC provides 100% renewable energy for all facilities worldwide. The company has a constant focus on reducing design and operational PUE and offers customer energy audits, with significant power-saving impacts. It has also supported new research and cross-industry cooperation into approaches to reducing the embodied impact of servers.
Innovating on this platform, in 2019 IMDC launched the Green Power Pass which is a transparent solution for companies seeking to report greenhouse gas or CO2 reductions. It is the first solution of its kind in the data centre industry and IMDC believes it will show the way for other operators and have a significant positive environmental impact, as measurable sustainability becomes a core business concern.

Built on the new carbon reporting protocol released by the Future of Internet Power (FoIP) working group and IMDC’s 100 percent renewable energy colocation offering, Green Power Pass covers power consumed at every Iron Mountain data centre around the globe. Reporting is standardised, easy and fast, delivering peace of mind for organisations looking to achieve their sustainability commitments through an annual certificate of attestation validating that 100 percent of the power they use at Iron Mountain is from qualifying renewable resources.

The solution is more than simply a reporting breakthrough, it is designed to have a positive environmental impact. GPP opens the door for thousands of companies to have access to renewable energy for their data centre footprint. More customer access means more green power demand – and that will lead to a greener grid for everyone.
GPP directly affects over 100 million Kilowatt Hours of electricity consumption. More effective coordination and streamlining of carbon reporting in the data centre will also lead to millions of dollars in savings for colocation customers. IMDC research suggests that, with the widespread availability of renewable power in the data centre industry, many businesses are currently paying large amounts to buy carbon offsets which they simply do not need. Signing up for a GPP-type solution immediately eliminates this unnecessary cost as well as saving on CSR administration

GPP is a genuinely open source solution with no barriers to entry. In fact the GPP development team has already publicly stated that Iron Mountain will measure the success of the solution by the number of successful launches by competitors of similar products.

Along with industry-wide organisations such as Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Future of Internet Power (FoIP) and Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) The Green Power Pass solution is highly reliant on the support of pilot customers including Akamai, Arizona State University, The Boeing Company, Boston Medical Centre, Credit Suisse, Patagonia, Goldman Sachs and WeWork.

Here is some of their feedback:

"Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass is an exciting breakthrough for the data centre industry, and a wonderful demonstration of the power of collaboration between industry and NGOs. By being the first solution to come to market that uses the Future of Internet Power's Requirements for Supplier-Procured Renewable Energy, Iron Mountain is showing the way for data centre customers to easily access the benefits of green electricity. Now all colocation and cloud customers of any size can be part of the movement to increase demand and help realize the goal of an internet powered by 100 percent renewable energy."
Miranda Ballentine CEO, REBA (Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance).

“A critically important aspect of our business case was finding a partner who not only met our renewable energy requirements but also understood what we were trying to do and could help us to achieve our goals. With Iron Mountain, we found a partner who could do all that — in ways that gave us a competitive advantage.”
Mike Mattera, Director of Sustainability, Akamai

"This agreement with Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass program will offset the same amount of electricity that 4,100 homes would use in a year, with clean, renewable energy. Becoming an early adopter of carbon emission reduction initiatives will help Boeing progress toward our 2025 environmental goals and help our efforts to reduce 25 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions at our work sites."
Beth Schryer, Vice President, Boeing Facilities & Asset Management.

“We are pleased to partner with Iron Mountain and believe their strategy provides sustainable enhancements to our data center operations. Their innovative technology and services will allow Goldman Sachs to scale its data center operations more efficiently, and further advance the firm’s broader commitment to environmental stewardship and reduced carbon footprint.”
Global Co-COO Tech Division, Goldman Sachs
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