Data Center Operations and Cost efficiency
Correlata Solutions
Data Centre Intelligent Automation and Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
We all know that Digital Transformation, Data Center modernization or moving to the cloud is fraught with obstacles and challenges. Addressing them properly is expensive and requires expertise to avoid incurring in costly errors. Companies are spending between $100K to $10M yearly to maintain their IT operations. Companies are struggling with how to balance cost, performance, security and compliance, while retaining flexibility and control of increasingly complex IT operations.

Correlata solutions empower Management and IT leaders, for the first time ever with the clarity to quantify the true value and contribution emanating directly from IT to the business layer. Correlata allows anyone, regardless of Technical or Design skills to drive Data Center efficiency that influences the company's bottom line.

Correlata platform working on top and around the existing platforms, uses a unique data-fusion analytic concept providing a new level of management insights and visibility on ALL Data Center operations, across ALL systems, platforms, applications, and ensures you’re not just up and running, but highly available, resilient according to business objectives.

Correlata addresses the deep skeletal pain that all medium and large enterprises face contending with too many disintegrated IT operating systems, a problem so deep, wide, and complex that it is almost impossible for them to see the big picture.

Correlata’s powerful and innovative solution drives datacenter automation and efficiency, helping increase service delivery by 50%, while reducing DC OPEX and CAPEX by 30%.
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