Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection Platform
Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year
Entry Description
Cynet 360 is the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform that consolidates and automates Monitoring & Control, Attack Prevention & Detection and Response Orchestration across the entire environment. Cynet 360 pioneers the use of Cynet Sensor FusionTM to continuously analyze all activity signals from the protected environment: user activity, process behavior and network traffic to provide threat protection of unmatched accuracy coupled by automated remediation workflows for all core attack vectors. Cynet 360 eliminates the need of complex multi-product security stacks, making robust breach protection within reach for any organization.

In 2020, it is common knowledge that the standard signature-based AV + Firewall security stack doesn’t provide sufficient protection from the rapidly evolving threat landscape that poses risk concerns to organizations of all sizes and verticals.
While large enterprises can cover their attack surfaces with various complementing products, aggregate and correlate them in a SIEM and employ a staff of skilled SOC analysts, mid-sized organizations have to address critical cyber risks with significantly less resources at their disposal.

Total Environment Visibility An organization’s attack surface is much wider than its endpoints. Cynet continuously monitors all users’ logging in and out, internal and external traffic, and process execution on hosts to provide real-time contextual visibility into the entire environment’s activities.

360° Prevention and Detection Cynet continuously builds and natively integrates the full-scope of technologies to prevent and detect attack vectors that target users, files, the network and hosts: AV, NGAV, EDR, network analytics, UEBA and deception, building a robust security protection stack across all attack stages.

Deception Advanced attackers can evade detection. To confront this, Cynet enables its users to plant decoy files, credentials and network connections across their environment, luring such attackers to reveal their presence by attempting to use or access these decoys.

Automated Remediation Cynet provides the widest set available of remediation actions for compromised hosts and users, malicious files and network communication. Cynet is shipped with pre-built remediations, making it the only solution with the ability to block attacks at multiple post-compromise stages such as privilege escalation, credential theft, lateral movement and others.

Context-based Alert Operation In the case of malicious activity without a matching pre-built remediation, Cynet provides the full user, file, network and host context for rapid insight into the attack’s impact and scope. The resolving process concludes with manually applying a remediation action on the compromised entity that can be saved as policy to automate response in future occurrences.

CyOps 24X7 Security Expertise Cynet complements its automated threat protection technology with integrated security services at no additional costs. CyOps is a 24/7 team of threat analysts and security researchers that proactively hunts for threats among Cynet’s customers, as well as responds to customer escalations, assisting with file analysis, incident response and deep investigations.

Easy Deployment & Maintenance Cynet is based on server-agent architecture. The server can be either onprem, IaaS or hybrid, per customer preference, and either a dissolvable executable or a light-weight agent that rapidly deploys 50Ks hosts a single day.
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