Qumulo P-184T All-NVMe File Storage Platform
Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year
Entry Description
For years, organizations have had to make a trade-off between storage system cost versus performance. And now, the world has gotten much more complicated as organizations want to leverage the benefit of the cloud in conjunction with their datacenter technologies. This is particularly pronounced when trying to manage unstructured data, which is growing significantly as businesses work to get insights from their data to make more competitive products and to accelerate time to market.

Qumulo’s P-184T all-NVMe file storage platform is the only all-flash solution that gives the low latency of NVMe in the datacenter while seamlessly moving data to the cloud for processing and analytics when needed. The P-184T eliminates the historical cost/performance trade-off in the data center while accelerating hybrid IT initiatives.

IT leaders recognize that storage can often be the bottleneck in their business. Many of today’s legacy storage systems are limited in their ability to scale and to provide the performance needed and/or to bridge workloads to the public cloud.

New software and hardware advancements are enabling enterprises to capitalize on dynamic market conditions, such as rapidly falling NVMe prices, to gain data center efficiencies and benefit from the increased reliability and performance of flash-based or NVMe-based platforms.

The Qumulo P-184T all-NVMe file storage platform delivers users and applications fast responsiveness with low latency and consistent high performance, making it well-suited for use in industries such as high-performance computing, life sciences, imaging, healthcare, and media and entertainment post-production. It is housed in a 2U form factor, uses 100GbE, and provides 184TB of raw NVMe storage capacity.

The P-184T provides continuous replication, snapshots, auditing, quotas and built-in integration with security servers, such as active directory and LDAP, so users can protect their data and optimally manage their storage. It offers best-in-class cross-protocol support automatically managing NTFS and POSIX permissions, and preserving ACL inheritance, allowing true collaboration without compromise. Qumulo’s multi-protocol support includes SMB, NFS, FTP, and REST, which are written from the ground up to be optimized for distributed systems and high efficiency.

Automation is becoming a requirement to effectively manage the multi-petabyte storage and the billions of files that are becoming common in unstructured data environments. Qumulo’s P-184T’s Restful API and the CLI enable organizations to automate mundane tasks so their headcounts don’t have to grow as fast as their storage. Finally, the P-184T’s real-time analytics eliminates data blindness. The analytics provide insight into capacity usage, throughput, and IOPS, providing actionable data so that administrators can easily manage hot spots, control storage usage, and plan for growth.