Pulseway Cloud Backup
Data Centre ICT Cloud Storage Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Pulseway Cloud Backup is the all-new backup solution offered by renowned mobile-first RMM solution provider Pulseway. Unlike most products in the market, Pulseway Cloud Backup is directly built into the web-based platform and mobile application of Pulseway RMM solution. Users can configure the cloud backup section available in the Pulseway WebApp and start performing backup tasks from anywhere using just a smartphone. The best part here is users don’t need any additional training or onboarding to start using this backup solution.

Time is a critical thing for technicians who monitor the IT environments of multiple clients at the same time. If they work on disparate tools, they need to constantly switch between dashboards when they have to monitor or perform different tasks. Pulseway solved this issue by building its cloud backup product directly into its RMM platform. With this unified dashboard, technicians can gain full control over the IT infrastructure of their clients and perform their backup tasks seamlessly, all the while monitoring the endpoints of various users or installing patches on various systems.

Backup is a critical task for businesses that rely on their data for their day-to-day operations. Securing this critical data is an important task that must be carried out with extreme precaution. The cloud backup software offered by Pulseway comes with a clean, easy-to-use interface that can be accessed by technicians using any device closest to them.

With Pulseway Cloud Backup, it is possible for users to monitor their backup status, schedule backup tasks and calculate backup health score. Moreover, users can recover data from the cloud anytime they want.

The most notable feature of Pulseway Cloud Backup is its integration into the Pulseway mobile ecosystem. With Pulseway, technicians can perform their backup tasks and recover files even when they are on the go. This will significantly reduce the downtime for clients and allow technicians to instantly address the data recovery issues of their client. This is a great way to boost customer satisfaction.

Security is another important aspect of the Pulseway ecosystem. The two-factor authentication incorporated into the Pulseway RMM platform prevents cyberattacks from any corner of the world. Since the cloud backup software is a part of this secure ecosystem, users can rest assured that their data is always protected. Pulseway Cloud Backup requires one of the multifactor authentication options offered by Pulseway before a backup or recovery task can be performed, making your data highly secure.

Pulseway Cloud Backup was built from the ground up with a focus on user satisfaction, security and quick recovery. Once users have automated their backup tasks, data is automatically backed up at the scheduled intervals. Users can monitor endpoints in real-time and get instant notifications if anything goes wrong. Technicians can provide instant fixes to backup issues just by opening the Pulseway mobile application.

With innovative features like backup health score, real-time backup status check, two-factor authentication, and more, Pulseway Cloud Backup serves as a great new addition to various MSPs. With Pulseway in their corner, MSPs can guarantee seamless backup and recovery without any potential data loss or downtime.