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IP House
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IP House is a growing player in the provision of colocation data centre services, delivered in partnership with its wide-ranging group of technology resellers and vendors.

IP House supply and provision these technologies to make sure that our customers get the connectivity and cloud services they need, all working to demanding industry-standard service level agreements (SLA’s).


Our partners include CCS Media, which is a technology and supplies reseller with over 30 years of experience delivering first-class IT solutions and services to organisations of every kind across the UK and beyond. It has more than 2,000 manufacturer partners. Our partner Comtec Power specialises in the design, build, maintenance and on-going management of data centres, server rooms, comms rooms and networking closets.

Another IP House partner is APC - a flagship brand of Schneider Electric - providing power protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage – like power problems and temperature. In addition, our managed services partners help deliver value to our customers by combining carefully selected, best of breed technologies, including high speed private networking, data centre technologies and enterprise grade security.

Other go-to-market partners include energy management player Schneider Electric and HellermannTyton for fully compliant cabling systems, that allow customers to get the most out of their data centre space.

Since entering the UK market in spring 2018, with a first Docklands data centre site close to London's financial district, it's been a busy period building up a demanding clientele that want data centre services for various periods in different volumes.

IP House's data centre is built to Tier III standards and contains over 14,000 sq ft of premium, low-latency white space, with the capacity for 512 racks across two technical data suites.


“From the design stages through to the deployment of the first pod, our focus has always been built around three core and customer-centred principles,” says Vinny Vaghani, Operations and Commercial Manager at IP House. “The first was to partner with industry-leading vendors, which ensures we deploy the most reliable and innovative technology solutions throughout the facility.

“The second was to gain accreditations that would reflect our commitment to uptime, security, resiliency and continual improvement. The third was to develop a reputation for industry-leading customer service, which is something all of the founding members are extremely passionate about.”

Vaghani says: “In the last year we have carved out an important position in a busy London hosting and colocation market. As the industry consolidates in places in response to competition from larger players, we have managed to continue to grow as a result of our wide-range of services and consistently good offering.”

The company provides modular, agile, flexible and scalable bespoke solutions. Its facility is both cloud and carrier-neutral, with superfast connectivity to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and multiple cloud platforms.

IP House utilises a category 6 backbone cabling infrastructure to deliver support for high-speed networks up to 100Gb/sec, making it the perfect high-performance solution for customers dependent on connections to business-critical applications and data hosted within the facility.

Connectivity service providers at the data centre include euNetworks, Zayo, CenturyLink, Telia Carrier, BT and Vodafone. And cloud connect partners to support customers include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Salesforce and Oracle Cloud. Our multiple cloud provider services offer guaranteed industry-leading SLAs.


• Private connectivity through our network providers
• Access to leading cloud providers
• Reliable, secure and low-latency for high-performance
• cloud computing
• Avoid public internet congestion
• Delivered on a global network by industry-leading
• providers


Our bespoke services and flexible pricing are designed to suit any business requirement. We can offer cost-effective fixed, burstable or usage-based pricing to suit your needs.

Pricing is readily available for 10Mbps to 10Gbps of bandwidth in various configurations: DIA (single location), aggregated (shared bandwidth for multiple locations) and IPVPN (virtual private network using IP/MPLS backbone) to connect multiple locations.

Our commercially flexible pay-as-you-grow approach to scalability and deployment provides businesses the utmost reliability at competitive prices.


Industry leading monitoring, courtesy of Schneider Electric’s StruxtureWare DCIM Suite, provides extensive visibility across the entire data centre to give customers peace of mind.

Environmental sensors alert our facility operators and clients to changing conditions to allow precise reporting of the environment. Our highly intelligent BMS integrates seamlessly to combine all monitored elements of the facility.

This includes:
• Power, temperature and humidity monitoring
• DX cooling
• FM200 fire suppression
• Leak detection

This high-level monitoring, together with optional additions, is available to all of our clients for added assurance.


Deploying resources to site to perform planned and unplanned maintenance work can be inconvenient and costly. To help support the day-to-day operations of your hosted equipment, and therefore your business, we offer a comprehensive support service covering the management of on-site tasks, procedures and fault reporting. Our certified technicians are on hand, 24/7.

Examples of the services covered by our Smart Hands offering are:

• Rack and unstack equipment
• Fluke® testing, replacement, addition or removal of cabling
• Backup media management
• Daily visual inspection of hardware
• Installation and swap-out of hardware components
• Power cycling of servers, routers or other equipment


IP House provides a private and secure test suite for customers allowing for maintenance and build work to be carried out on-site. Equipment can be shipped directly to site allowing configuration to be completed at the facility.


To ensure compliance with industry regulations and mitigate risk for end-users, IP House has also sought widely-recognised accreditations. These include:

EN50600 – Used to certify that the facility meets the requirements of a concurrently maintainable data centre, using a four-level rating to describe the resilience and redundancy level of the site.

ISO 27001 – For information security management systems. This helps organisations to manage the security of data assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted by third parties.

ISO 9001 – For quality management. This family of standards provides both guidance and tools for companies who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customers' requirements, and that quality is continually improved.

ISO 50001 – For energy management. This helps organisations to save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle climate change.

ISO 14001 – For environmental management. This family of standards provides practical tools for companies looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

IP House renewed all the above ISO certifications against its facility in autumn 2019.

“IP House are committed to providing customers with a secure, competitive and resilient colocation service, that safeguards them against downtime,” said Sean Hilliar, Data Centre Manager at IP House. “Our customers can be assured that we are focused on both innovation and continual improvement. These are the values on which our brand has been built and will be our differentiators in a market where space is currently low and capacity is in high demand.”

IP House benefits from over 20 years of experience and knowledge across its management team from working with industry leading brands. It also benefits from being part of Metro Networks, which provides extensive coverage across the UK and connects the facility to other major national communication hubs.


The facility has 2MVA of power, providing diversity to critical systems and the technical area throughout the data centre. An EN50600 and Tier III level power system, from our dedicated on-site substation to rack level distribution, is energised by Schneider Electric systems. Dual independent switchgears, supported by dedicated APC Symmetra PX UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and generator backup systems, allow this resilient system to provide true diverse power to all critical areas of the data centre.


Our site is protected with advanced security systems with access being restricted to selected and approved personnel only. The purpose built structure benefits from the omission of windows, greatly reducing the potential risk of intrusion. With 24-hour surveillance and security personnel, you can be assured that IP House exceeds your security needs. IP House security features include a controlled access policy, 24/7 security with external and internal IP CCTV including ANPR, and Grade III intruder and perimeter detection with anti-climb and IP access control. There are multiple man traps and anti-passback protections.

So these are the services, but what do the customers say?


Animal Systems Limited (ASL) is a specialist integrator and manufacturer in the south west of England. It supplies bespoke design industrial PCs and embedded platforms across all manor of industries, and has been doing so for the last 15 years. It also provides custom HP server solutions through the HP OEM integration partnership, and is an OEM HP integrator too.

Animal's customer base comes from an extremely diverse sphere of operations such as the offshore industries, large utilities and the communications industry to name but a few. The products range from a PC you can hold in your hand, a bespoke industrial PC designed to fit alongside some test equipment in a very small area, right through to a full rack of HP servers. Animal went to IP House for its data centre services needs.

Animal said: “The data centre industry is notorious for stringent agreements that prevent moving goalposts and which often incorporate what many consider to be excessive surcharges, for any non-commit services. We required a transparent expansion and reservation agreement that would suit our product development and on-going requirements.”

It said IP House was ideally situated for its clients in the Docklands area of London, being “easily accessible, with no logistical constraints”. “With vast technical white space for future expansion, we are safe in the knowledge that we will be able to grow at IP House for the foreseeable future,” said Animal.

Monty Quick, a director at Animal Systems, said his firm wanted a supplier of services that could “work with us for precision control of the environment to address our testing needs” to “improve and hone our research for faster success rates and more proficient tweaks”.

Quick said: “By having a centralised location for our hardware showcase, we have been able to increase our client engagement with higher success, as a direct result of relocating our demonstration racks and hardware to a mutually accessible location.

“We are pleased to have taken the decision to partner with IP House and are proud to host our
presentation at their London data centre. Our predictions around the benefits of this move are
already being realised.”


There is also Bink Networks, a managed service provider. Bink says: “As an experienced operator, we have seen a steady rise in the number of solutions providers entering our industry. Our challenge was the procurement of a data centre footprint that would allow us to remain profitable in the future.”

It said: “We were keen to explore the newly refurbished data suites at IP House and discover
the potential benefits we could offer to our customers. The operators and extensive technology upgrades impressed us from our first visit.

“We have measurable data to demonstrate to our customers that our hosting services at IP House deliver on our service and reputation as a trusted managed service provider. By working closely with the team at IP House, we have been able to facilitate a convenient expansion of our estate within the facility.”

Joseph Waite, chief technology officer at Bink Networks, says: “We highly recommend the facility and operator, for the quality and standards upheld and for a team who extend their attributes, wherever possible, to assist their clients. With such a close-knit operation, you can be guaranteed a personalised service.”


Another satisfied customer is the Deep Sea Geographical Surveying Company. It said: “We were seeking a short-term colocation solution [for around three months] with rapid provisioning for our testbed environment with high-density power circuits. 63A feeds were required for suitable testing of our IT infrastructure, particularly for our UPS needs.”

Post-completion, it also needed suitable logistical assistance to arrange the smooth migration of the equipment to the final maritime environment of the next expedition.

The customer said: “IP House were a perfect fit for our project, having met our technical
requirements. From our initial meeting, we were able to establish a close working relationship with the on-site team who were able to support and assist with our setup.

“The data centre manager showed an unrivalled passion for service delivery and client satisfaction. We were super confident in his capabilities, communications and planning around our solution.”

It said: “The service was delivered to an impeccable standard and we successfully completed the
setup and commissioning of our IT infrastructure. Our team were able to complete this with great efficiency and they began the first phase of their expedition having had a comfortable, convenient, stress-free setup. A fully focused team is critical for our voyages.”

Deep Sea Geographical Surveying Company's head of IT said: “We would like to thank the team at IP House for all their support, hospitality and for being able to turn around our requirement so quickly. The absence of any delays from IP House guaranteed we remained on target for the deployment for this submarine project.”


Another customer, Re-Solution, is also willing to chip in as to the merits of IP House. It said: “We needed a service partner who could facilitate the next step of our solutions strategy and support us in building our service portfolio, as we entered into new areas of opportunity.

Low latency and high-bandwidth was a major factor for us, and IP House are able to deliver both, being in one of the UK’s most connected locations.”

It added: “We were seeking a service provider who could be a true extension of our team, night or day. With a dedicated point of contact and a leadership team at the forefront, it was precisely the chain-free relationship that we were looking for and to build upon.

“From a technical perspective, the data centre ticked all of our boxes, whilst demonstrating
added value from their extensive ISO accreditations.

“Our sales teams have been able to immediately utilise our investment at IP House by opening new services for potential opportunities. We have already begun campaigning around how we can help our existing clients on their IT infrastructure and cloud platform strategies.”

Sean Draper, director of Re-Solution, said: “The team at IP House, most importantly the
Decision-makers, are always available. We find this to be a priceless asset and core to our success, especially when we are faced with time constraints.

“They can quickly make decisions and turn around service requests for rapid results.”

All this is why IP House should be viewed as a strong candidate for the Excellence in Data Centre Services Award.
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