Iceotope Chassis-level Liquid Cooling - the key enabler for next-generation edge computing installations, data centres and ICT applications.
Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year
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Iceotope Technologies Limited is a UK based technology business supplying a patented cooling platform for the IT industry. Meeting the needs of next generation application requirements as GPU and CPU energy use is increased in the data centre, and distributed widely to edge computing locations, Iceotope chassis-level liquid cooling technologies are proven: To date Iceotope has shown it can cool 3.2kW per 1u / 100kW per rack and deployed a 2MW containerized data centre demo in Daresbury.

Iceotope’s technologies are manufactured in Sheffield, and have been deployed in the UK, North America and Asia. Chassis-level liquid cooling technology by Iceotope provides data centre operators with the means to design and operate capital and energy efficient sustainable facilities, with lower operating costs. The technology requires less infrastructure and less power than conventional approaches for removing heat from the data centre, at the same time maximizing the use of valuable technical space.

Engineered to fit all standard form factors including retrofit installations, it provides end users with new levels of flexibility for IT deployments within technical white space and in new Edge environments where traditional cooling is unsuitable. Iceotope chassis-level liquid cooling is a key technology enabler for next-generation edge of network installations, data centres and ICT applications.

Iceotope chassis-level liquid cooling solutions have been developed with partners including Schneider Electric and are available through Avnet.

Iceotope’s Key Distinguishing Features:

Unique features of Iceotope technology include its patented cooling retaining heatsinks for super- efficient cooling of the hottest part of IT electronics. Its chassis-level liquid cooling solutions are engineered to cool the entire IT stack in every use case.

Iceotope’s liquid cooling works through the use of two pumped circuits, de-coupled by a plate heat exchanger. The first circuit consists of a dielectric coolant that immerses and harvests heat from every component on the heat-generating electronics and circulates continuously within a sealed chassis.

The dielectric coolant (around 2kg per kW) is precision delivered to Iceotope’s patented heat sinks and then overflows into the chassis to capture heat from every component. The cooled fluid is delivered to the coolant retaining heatsinks on the hottest part of the electronics via a manifold and the cycle repeats.

Immersed micro pumps create a gentle recirculating coolant flow inside the chassis enabling the heat to be transferred to a building circuit via a plate heat exchanger.

The coolant enters the heat exchanger at up to 45oC and exits at up to 50oC.

The high operating temperatures give operators the option to remove chillers from the data centre as heat can be rejected to ambient using dry-coolers; or captured and reused for heating.

Iceotope’s tangible benefits for markets and customers:

Iceotope removes complexity from data centre layouts and operations ensuring more space can be dedicated to serving IT workloads.

Because IT equipment can be operated without the need for fans Iceotope’s technology brings game-changing reductions in energy and water consumption.

Immersion liquid cooling eliminates need for hot and cold aisles deliverimg significant cost reductions in the design and build of data centres. One of the key benefits of liquid cooling is the ability to compact the IT equipment and save space. Iceotope’s chassis-level immersion cooling technologies reduce the overall data centre space by up to 75% for a given IT load.

Schneider Electric’s preliminary Capex analysis of Iceotope’s chassis-level immersive cooling solution versus a traditional air-cooled solution, based on a 2MW data centre revealed a conservative estimate of Capex savings of 14%, and significant Opex savings.

Iceotope’s cooling technologies remove the need for and the restrictions created by energy-intensive ai cooling systems - including the server fans – allowing the 15 – 16% of site power which is normally stranded to be reclaimed while using up to 5 times less energy.

Operating at a PUE of 1.03, Iceotope’s chassis-level liquid cooling technologies comply with all existing regulations, falling far below the lowest regulated PUE of 1.3.

An additional environmental benefit of having no fans and air-cooling infrastructure mean Iceotope’s technologies operate in pure silence.

Being 100% sealed and resilient, Iceotope’s chassis-level immersion cooling technologies isolate all IT from the environment thereby protecting it from airborne contaminants. With no air being pushed around it makes for cleaner, safer white space.

Iceotope's technologies are enabling data processing, storage and networking to be located in places which until now have not been possible.

In new Edge environments where IT services need to be located close to people and things immersion cooling is the ideal solution due to its ease of deployment and greatly reduced maintenance needs.

Iceotope’s technologies are engineered to fit all standard form factors – including retrofit, they can also be compacted into smaller custom form factors to enable Edge compute, networking and storage.
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