The Developer Platform
Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year
Entry Description
In November 2019 NetFoundry introduced the industry’s first and only programmable, Zero Trust Networking apparatus: The Developer Platform. It is truly a new art in the realm of possibility in app development by the way in which it is enhancing Zero Trust Security operations and performance engineering. Through its secure and simple nature, it creates a more streamlined experience for silicon-to-cloud connectivity.

The Developer Platform has eradicated the need for, and reliance on, dedicated networks and enables users to securely connect with cloud and backend data center applications. This means that apps hosted in service-meshes can securely and seamlessly connect with users with embedded optimum security.

NetFoundry’s technology enables private, secure, high-performance networking to be embedded in applications, meaning businesses have control over their own network. The only requirement is an internet connection. Once connected, applications are locked into the NetFoundry Fabric so no matter where they operated - including mobile, edge, IoT, and service meshes - the apps will have ultimate Zero Trust security and optimized performance wherever they are utilised. No matter where the hosts or clients are positioned Netfoundry is guaranteeing secure and reliable communication between their customers and their software services.

Now, DevOps teams and cloud-native application developers can now operate with more flexibility by the way in which The Developer Platform’s Open Source options add to existing NaaS services.

One of the most attractive qualities of NetFoundry’s Developer Platform is its simplicity and empowers developers by giving them full control of their network by removing the VPN barriers and enabling them to secure both frontend and backend services which in turn alleviates any burdens on network support teams. The apps dynamically spin up private overlays which enable private to private interworking, over the Internet, without requiring the complexity of VPNs and NATs. This also removes the need for jump-servers and bastion hosts creating a new ecosystem for application networking to thrive in.

By being the first of its kind in the industry, The Developer Platform is paving the way for how modern-day DevOps teams and professional networkers should be operating through by implementing cloud-native networking as a mainstream tool and making it readily available in today’s market.

It was only at KubeCon 2019 that NetFoundry announced that the NetFoundry Developer Platform is now generally available (GA), including open source options. The GA follows a beta which included customer pilots and integrations with Microsoft Kaizala, Micron Authenta™,, CloudBees, NetApp, Intel, NodeWeaver, LokBlok, OpenEMR, IMS Evolve, Dell and leading blockchain, security, cloud and IoT solutions. Thanks to Netfoundry the new generation of cloud-based networking is live and active, proving to be a real game-changer by breaking away from traditional legacy networking constructs and re-envisioning the future of developer practices.
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