Enlogic Advantage Series: The Next Generation iPDU
Data Centre PDU Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
What is novel about the product / process or innovation?
As one of the world’s leading PDU manufacturers, Enlogic has extensive application knowledge and know-how in optimizing IT rack power for efficiently powering servers and equipment. Enlogic’s new Advantage Series power distribution units represent the culmination of combining this deep knowledge with an innovative design. Enlogic developed the Advantage Series PDU portfolio, including innovative network metered, switched, and metered and switched power distribution units designed for efficient power distribution, proactive energy management, real time power and environmental alarming, and remote power control. The Enlogic Advantage Series portfolio includes models designed for applications including remote offices, small server rooms, large enterprise data centre, high performance computing applications and edge computing. In terms of user access, the Advantage Series web user interface designed using a Linux & React platform which permits easy user access and control to rack power from both mobile and desktop devices. whilst using React which allows the display on The Enlogic Advantage Series products allows for easy integration into existing user management platforms.

How does the product break with conventional ideas?
The Advantage Series product portfolio simplifies rack deployment by, first, providing a wide range of power solutions that enable open access to all hardware components in the rear of the rack. Standard features such as 1GB ethernet support, power source colour coded network management card display, tool-less installation, dual digital sensor ports, power sharing, USB-C to allow fast transfer of data with and enough power for future supported devices. Support for up to eight environmental sensors, and operating temperatures to 60°C help to make the new Advantage Series high-density PDU the most technically advanced PDU available today. One of the key features is the industry’s first and only PDU on the market with a user-customisable seven colour configuration to allow for simplified management of the data centre environment. Metered, Switched, and Metered & Switched models also support hot-swappable network management modules, remote outlet switching and/or power metering (utility grade billing standards), and dual network access, the industry’s only PDU solution with redundant network support.

How does it go beyond improvements that already exist?
Enlogic’s unique PDU form factor and easy-to-use interface enables reduced hardware deployment costs as well as optimised cabling and connectivity for reduced CAPEX versus industry standard solutions. Advantage Series unique design permits users to further optimise their rack layout for increased access to rack mounted equipment, resulting in lower MTTR for coupled servers and rack mounted equipment during service failures. Finally, the high-density, space saving design provides optimised airflow within the server cabinet for higher cooling efficiency which in turn has a positive impact on server power demand with lower average operating temperatures. Optional high accuracy metering with plug-and-play connectivity allows users to ensure always on, real-time monitoring of power and environmental conditions within their data centre racks. Enlogic’s first-in-class PDU simplifies data centre operations by having a user defined colour coded NMC display, making it easy to identify the correct power source for IT equipment and servers. This allows engineers to clearly identify which power source feeds the equipment, to take the confusion or hassle out of IT operations.

How do customers benefit?
Traditionally, PDUs have been designed as an afterthought by companies who do not have in-depth application knowledge of server equipment. As such the input power feeds to the rack are normally colour coded to provide differentiation between A and B power feeds. So, with the Advantage Series PDU the client does not need to wait for specialised PDU’s to be built and adding extended lead-time, they can use standard Enlogic Advantage Series PDU’s in which they can change the colour NMC display as simply as clicking a button. The form factor and overall design methodology has produced inefficient form factors that provide power but do little to resolve typical space and connectivity issues in IT racks. Add to that the ever-growing need to increase compute-density and the result is the multiplicity of PDUs in each rack that increase user CAPEX and OPEX costs while failing to provide optimal power distribution solutions. Enlogic designed their new Advantage Series products from the ground up, relying on real-world inputs from their own configuration factory where IT racks are fully loaded, connected, and tested as a purpose-built system.
The Enlogic Advantage Series next generation platform easily integrates into legacy and new infrastructure management tools with excellent scalability. Overall, the Advantage Series PDU line represents the best-in-class platform in the market.
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