Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year
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SMS Engineering is a Premier Partner of APC by Schneider Electric, the project has been shared with Schneider Electric System Engineers and proposed to Uptime Institute, the main certification body of the Data Center architectures worldwide
The DATA CENTER consists of a compartment chamber in which there is a row of racks with 2 conditioning units of 20 kW APC In-Row chilled water refrigerators, with microprocessor regulation system with the continuous reading of environmental conditions, the monitoring of operating conditions and self-diagnosis with signaling of any malfunctions, prepared both for remote control with remote transmission of anomaly states and for serial connection to centralized supervisory systems. The precision air conditioning technology is expressly conceived and designed to meet the specific air conditioning needs of the data center. To ensure the proper operation of the installed equipment, it is essential to maintain constant thermohygrometric conditions throughout the year: for this reason, we speak of controll of environmental conditions and not of simple cooling.
In this project all the heat radiated from the rear of the Data Center is conveyed to the In-Row units which in turn cool the active equipment on the front. All In-Row units are integrated with the management of the Data Center infrastructure (DCIM).
The innovation consists in the use of NON-PERIMETER temperature conditioning and therefore decreases heat loss because it is reused in in-row units. Customers make consumption more efficient. There is greater control over the air conditioning units which implies greater efficiency and optimization of energy consumption.
There is innovation in automation obtained through the installation of sensors that regulate themselves based on the temperature detected.
As a result of the project’s implementation, the organization has benefited from high availability of the infrastructure, energy saving, monitoring and control of the above (IoT).

SMS Engineering Highlights ENG

SMS Engineering is the First Innovative Small Enterprise in Italy!
In 2018 SMS Engineering turned 20 years of activity.
The company was born thanks to the idea of three students of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II whom, over the years, some fellow students as collaborators and a brilliant mathematic as a shareholder joined to.For more than 15 years SMS Engineering has been carrying out an excellent Research and Development activity which has led to the winning of the National Prize for Innovation by the Presidency of the Italian Republic, as well as 2 times Confindustria (the Confederation of Italian Industries) Enterprise Innovation Award and the European Business Awards Prize - Italy Country Representative. SMS Engineering is the only Italian company awarded for innovation by two Presidents of the Italian Republic.
SMS Engineering is a System Integrator and a Software House.
SOLUTIONS: Cyber Security for NATO, Software Engineering for Manufacturing Industry, Warehouse Management Systems, Business Intelligence and Datacenter.
Turnover 2019 < € 4.000.000,00
EBITDA 2019: € 600.000,00 (15%)
Enterprise Value 2019: € 9.000.000,00
Italian Operative HQ: Naples – Milan – Rome – Florence
UK Commercial Branch Office: London

• IT Applications and Software Development
• ICT Infrastructures and Data Center Solutions
• Extended ERP and Warehouse Management Solutions
• Business Continuity and Cyber Security Slutions

SMS Engineering is certified ISO 9001: 2015 for:
Software Engineering, development and maintenance - Information System design, development and maintenance - ICT Infrastructure design, installation and maintenance - IT Consultancy.
SMS Engineering is certified ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 for:
Design, development, maintenance and assistance of business information systems: software applications, management software and ICT infrastructures. ICT Specialist Consulting SOA Rev. 02 dated 2018/04/15
Certification by the Ministry of Economic Development for participation in NATO International Tenders.
International Basic Order Agreement with NATO NCI for ICT solutions - NCIA / BOA / 13630

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