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AWS has been the most experienced, reliable and compliant public cloud, as shown by their >40% market share and exponential growth since its inception in 2006. It's also well known that companies both large and small depend on 24/7 data access and a crucial need for a backup solution that can be accessed quickly and reliably. No matter what your vertical is - financial, healthcare, mobile, IT, transport, media - the risk of even seconds of downtime is too just large. Organizations need to be prepared for potential data breaches, ransomware, errors, bugs and weather-related disasters. The consequences can be dire and can be anything from shutting down entire airports for hours to a ransomware attack shutting down entire cities.

For organizations running AWS workloads, this is where N2WS steps in, the creators of N2WS Backup & Disaster Recovery -- the leading storage solution on the AWS marketplace since 2012. N2WS automates backup and disaster recovery for enterprises and features very flexible backup scheduling, which ensures you are protected from outages, failures, and data losses. You can read over 80 5-star reviews from cloud innovators who are successfully using N2WS to secure their AWS workloads. N2WS is unmatched in the backup management advantages it brings to teams and solves a crucial need to optimize RTO/RPO, making it easy to ensure HIGH AVAILABILITY. Built specifically for AWS, N2WS gives enterprise teams the ability to back up data as often as needed, and recover it quickly (two clicks and under 1 minute you’re restored) with a GIANT recovery button, simplifying workloads, saving teams time and resources .

N2WS has a large and loyal customer base which spans many verticals. Flagship customers include Coca-Cola, NASA, Cisco, IBM, Dyson, Time, Oracle and the UK Home Office. Our existing customer base contains the most progressive and forward-looking enterprises in the world, ones which are most interested in acquiring the latest and best cloud backup and disaster recovery technology to be prepared for the growing number of data breaches, ransomware attacks, user errors, and weather-related disasters. There are over 2,000 enterprises around the world using our software and this is set to increase even more as organizations not only increase their use of N2WS; solution but AWS overall.

N2WS leverages and enhances native AWS capabilities such as snapshots which we believe are the most efficient backup available. N2WS snapshots are taken at the block level which means that every snapshot only copies the blocks (or areas) in the volume that were changed since the last snapshot (the first one is a “full” snapshot). This affects the user in two ways; first it is much more cost effective: you only pay for what had changed each time. Performance-wise, EBS snapshots are very fast because they only need to copy the incremental delta from when the last snapshot was taken. Snapshots can be scheduled with frequencies that range from minutes to months and retained for any period of time. N2WS automates backup and recovery for EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS, Redshift, Aurora clusters, DynamoDB and EFS by extending and enhancing native Amazon snapshots. N2WS protects hundreds of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances that need to back up often and recover quickly.

Using N2WS’s disaster recovery feature, organizations can rest easy knowing that their data is available and recoverable even if a whole region is down. This is because EBS snapshots can be copied both between regions (protecting against outages) and across accounts (protecting against an account being maliciously compromise). You can recover complete instances to these other regions or accounts including all data and configurations and be back up to production in only seconds.

Using cloud native tools you are limited to turning EBS snapshots into data volumes. In the event of an outage, do you really want to be sorting through your snapshot console looking for the one you need? Then trying to mount that snapshot onto an instance, booting the instance, and resolving all the configuration? This seems like a lot of hassle while you are dealing with an outage and angry co-workers or customers. N2WS offers several different recovery orchestration process. You only need to click the GIANT recovery button next to the option you want. Three options include volume, instance and file level recovery, which is especially important for smaller disasters which where a database or specific folder is needed. N2WS also provides many other features such as robust reporting (including the ability to see all unprotected resources), alerting, auditing and dashboard functions.

N2WS introduced many new and enhanced features aggressively each quarter, providing significant cost and time saving advantages distinguishing it from cloud native solutions. For example, users have to ability to use Resource Control -- automate an on/off switch for idle servers which can potentially save you thousands of dollars every month. Perhaps you are needlessly running instances during non-work hours, or maybe you have stateless instances that don't need backup. This is wasteful spending and by automating their start/stop time you can not only tell your team or CFO how cloud waste is now being monitored, but can also present a calculated sum of those saved costs. In addition, the ability to archive to S3 to optimize your long term storage was a customer requested feature added in 2019, and currently only N2WS has the capability to automatically accommodate colder storage needs. An excellent use case is when businesses are required by regulatory requirements to keep backups for seven years. When you consider backing up all the required systems for that length of time, the monthly storage cost is enormous. Furthermore, the need to restore is infrequent, so storing all those backups is very high overhead. Why not easily move those backups to Amazon S3, where they are far more durable and cheaper, and then pull them for recovery when needed?
What is most rewarding is knowing that potential downtime is no longer keeping our customers up at night. We hear countless stories of N2WS saving critical workloads, and N2W Software is happy to continue developing N2WS to fit the specific needs of our customers. Here is just one example of the many enthusiastic quotes we’ve received:
“N2WS gives us confidence that the backups have been performed each night and are consistent. Set it up within no time at all and then forget about it no maintenance needed. This is a real time saver.”
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