Scale Computing for Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
Scale Computing
Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
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Scale Computing: trailblazing in the data centre industry

Scale Computing is fast becoming recognised as a trailblazer for innovation in the modern data centre space. The company offers an industry-leading compact edge computing solution that combines virtualisation, disaster recovery and software-defined storage in one fully integrated, highly available system, deployable in small-to-large organisations across multiple sectors. Scale Computing’s HC3 solution can be placed outside the traditional data centre so that storage and compute resources are located onsite, where they are often needed the most. Infrastructure at the edge can collect, process, and reduce large quantities of data, all while running on a small hardware footprint. The data can then be further uploaded to either a centralised data centre or the cloud. The appliance provides enterprise-class features to remote locations, while boosting capabilities with disaster recovery. Plus, it is physically small enough to be deployed in the back office of any Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO). This technology makes use of Scale Computing’s innovations in hyperconverged infrastructure, integrating storage, servers, and virtualisation/data protection/data replication software into an all-in-one appliance-based system.

Forging innovation at the edge

Scale Computing’s unique and innovative solution is transforming the edge computing space, by making this cutting-edge technology highly available, cost-effective and easy to deploy and manage. The HC3 virtualisation solution is a turnkey solution, as well as being compact, scalable and fitted with self-healing technology to provide almost instant failover and minimal downtime - all without the need for onsite IT experts. Its ease of management is not dissimilar to a single server and, as a result, saves organisations time and money. In addition, the new HE500 series provides a low-cost option for disaster recovery infrastructure - at a price point that rivals any other hyperconverged infrastructure vendor. In December 2019, Scale Computing introduced edge computing platforms on their new HE150, built on a tiny form factor NUC from Intel, which lowers TCO for deployments, and delivers accessible and affordable edge computing designed specifically for organisations that require small-yet-intelligent IT infrastructure. .

Jeff Ready, the founder and CEO of Scale Computing, elaborates, “We believe we were the first HCI vendor to offer fully functional systems of this size. Not only does it provide all the functionalities of a data centre, it is small enough to be deployed onsite, making it perfect for industries with no IT staff at the ready. We feel that IT infrastructure must adapt to meet today’s modern needs, and edge computing provides the perfect platform to bring IT into the next decade.”

How it outclasses the competition

No licensing costs
Unlike other products in the market, the HC3 platform does not require any additional costs or licensing fees, helping customers to lower their IT costs and reinvest in other technologies. For companies in the retail industry, such as Delhaize, who have small margins, the cost-efficiency of an edge platform makes it particularly attractive - especially if it also makes new developments such as 'real-time retail' possible.

Simplified management
Scale Computing’s HC3 Edge solution ends the need for other third parties and vendors, all with their own server, as it comprises multiple services in one box. Since deploying the HC3 Edge platform, Delhaize has reduced management time by 75% and improved recovery time by 99.9%.

Scale Computing provides HyperCore automation and orchestration technology, which ensures applications remain up and running and machine intelligence simultaneously detects and automatically fixes infrastructure problems. This minimises IT administrative time and cost for organisations across any vertical.

HC3 Edge is inherently more stable and more highly available than traditional virtualisation solutions, and has a simple design, with built-in redundancy, high availability, and resilience, and the option of disaster recovery-as-a-service. For distributed enterprises, such as Delhaize, that don’t have onsite IT experts, this promotes more confidence, as self-healing capabilities and automation pick up the work instead.

This automation powers a fully integrated solution, which brings all of the conventionally siloed aspects of infrastructure, such as virtualisation, containers, fleet management, disaster recovery, back-up, and data services, into one fully controlled and seamless platform.

The HC3 Edge cluster also offers customers the ability to scale out, so organisations can add capacity as and when needed in a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model, which helps to plan IT budgets. Delhaize needed to future-proof its IT environment with the ability to scale out on demand, its partnership with Scale Computing eliminates the need to overprovision and pay upfront for resources not yet being used.

Scale Computing has a fast growing global network of partners, from technical partners such as Parallels and Acronis, to OEM partnerships such as Lenovo and NEC. These provide customers with assurance that their precious resources - their applications, geographies and environments - are fully supported.

Key differentiators include:
Compact, integrated all-in-one appliance
Maximum uptime - all VMs created are highly available
Scale-out architecture – capacity can be added as and when need
Fast and easy to expand, no downtime required
No additional licensing required – no “V tax”
Local high availability
Multi-site management
Non-disruptive upgrades
Fully self-healing
Simple and easy to use - Limited IT resources required
Automatic failover for node failures
Specifically tailored to the edge needs of distributed enterprises in industries including retail and manufacturing
Flexibility to deploy edge systems that match needs of environments, ranging from small form factor systems to large multitrack traditional data centres
Integrated file-level backup and disaster recovery capabilities
A data centre in a box at a fraction of the cost

Driving real benefits for all its customers

As Vanden Eynde of Delhaize stated, “It’s been a pleasure working with [Scale Computing] and we feel like a valued customer.” Scale Computing works with customers globally, with its HC3 Edge being deployed by more than 2,500 organisations globally. HC3 Edge is ideal for businesses of all sizes across a range of verticals, including retail, manufacturing, education and financial services. Their innovations have made highly available, reliable, and scalable computing systems accessible for almost any sized implementation, including small and medium organisations.

Delhaize have experienced the following benefits as a result of deploying Scale Computing’s HC3 virtualisation solution:
Reduction in costs - no additional licensing fees
Shortened and simplified IT management time
Improved performance
Pay-as-you-grow flexibility
Comprehensive range of recovery features - disaster recovery
Business continuity
Physical security - secure cabinet
Flexible scalability
Rapid deployment and improved storage efficiency

Scale Computing has more than 400 case studies across different sources including Carrs Tool Steels, Paris Community Hospital, The Holiday Inn Express, and Genting Casinos.