Entuity Network Analytics (ENA)
Park Place Technologies
Data Centre ICT Networking Product of the Year
Entry Description
Entuity, a Park Place Technologies Company, provides network intelligence trusted for faster insight, proactive monitoring and efficient management of today’s most complex networks. Designed for enterprises and MSPs, our enterprise-ready network analytics solution supports the digital workplace by simplifying network performance monitoring, ensuring that the network delivers great end-user experiences. ENA easily integrates with major frameworks. Entuity’s technical support and services teams are frequently praised for their rapid response, networking expertise and involvement in special engagement. For more information, visit entuity.com.

ENA integrates Google Maps directly into its dashboard framework, allowing users to automatically plot network views on an interactive Google Map that shows the geolocation of their network devices, sites or end-user locations, as well as incident health within that view. All in one screen view, details are available by hovering over a marker. For Network Operations Centers and Enterprise Operations Centers, the view markers can be made to pulse on key incidents, providing a quick visual notification. For global IT organizations with multiple networks, these maps offer consolidated, at-a-glance visibility worldwide, in country, or in a specific location. All this helps IT teams resolve events faster and ensure more uptime.

ENA’s SurePath Application Path Module removes the complexity of managing how the network supports each application or service in the cloud, fulfilling a growing need to ensure application performance in the hybrid and multi-cloud environments businesses depend on. SurePath equips IT teams with an efficient way to manage applications such as e-commerce, Outlook 365, CRM, etc. It provides visibility into the application’s path across the network and through the cloud, along with related performance metrics to help identify and resolve the cause of application issues. Extending these management capabilities to the cloud is vital to maintain excellent end-user experiences.
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