Tarmin GridBank Data Centric Infrastructure
Tarmin, Inc.
Data Centre ICT Storage Product of the Year
Entry Description
Tarmin GridBank Data Management Platform, the premier Data Defined Infrastructure solution, was architected from the ground up using the latest in enterprise ready technologies to address all of the pain points associated with the massive amounts of enterprise data. GridBank provides one of the most robust and feature rich data management solutions available.
GridBank delivers high performance, random access Enterprise Object Storage that provides a massively scalable data repository, suitable for data integration and storage of all forms of enterprise data. The platform provides unification of multiple data sources into a central data store with single pane of glass view. The GridBank File System unifies all data repositories and exposes globally distributed data stores through the global namespace, eliminating data siloes within a single view of data, improving storage utilization and optimizes data volumes with compression and distributed object dedupe, eliminating duplicates across the data estate.
GridBank offers intelligent policy-driven information governance and integrates with Active Directory for identity oriented security and role-based access and authentication. Additionally, GridBank provides several forms of encryption, data protection, site replication, data integrity checking and self- healing. GridBank provides data compliance through policy-based preservation, retention and disposal as well as granular legal hold. GridBank enables enterprise information archiving and tiering, site-to-site replication and ensures high availability access across distributed pools with end-to-end Sync and Share BYOD smart client data protection and enhanced mobility to deliver disaster recovery. GridBank delivers multi-tenancy and provides logical separations of namespaces between departments or separate clients to substantially mitigate business risk.
GridBank’s MetaBase is a single distributed metadata repository which provides accelerated access to subsets of data within the core platform. Multiple data sources, are ingested or replicated into GridBank and integrated into the MetaBase where they are indexed and stored and consolidated to offer unified metadata search across all storage pools for on-demand access to data, e-Discovery and data classification. The data is queried through integrations with business intelligences tools to perform reporting and dashboarding across all data sources and the data allows for big data analytics toolkits to perform data-in-place analytics.
GridBank provides seamless application integration, multiple protocol access to accommodate growing mobile workforces, and is custom tailored to each individual customer requirement with a flexible and extensible API, reducing development time and accelerating time to value. GridBank is designed from the ground up to be a resilient architecture which can scale to multiples of petabytes to meet growth expectations and deliver significant high performance, high availability data access with linear scalability. GridBank empowers organizations to store, control and understand the value of their data and to view it as a strategic business enabler versus an ongoing cost center, GridBank impacts the bottom line by reducing overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 80 percent and improving operational efficiencies. Through search and discovery, as well as analytics, knowledge worker productivity can be increased by up to 15 percent, and significant revenue growth can be achieved by gaining value from data. GridBank is suitable for any market with digital assets and especially those data intensive organizations, relying heavily on their information assets.

• GridBank delivers substantial cost savings & frees up storage capacity
• GridBank increases revenue & provides real-time data insights through big data analytics integration
• GridBank satisfies data management regulations, reducing risk exposure & ensuring compliance
• GridBank enables artificial intelligence & allows organizations to learn more about their diverse datasets
• GridBank’s data centric infrastructure delivers massive scalability & establishes long term future-proof data strategies