Managing airflow is a breeze (Excel Environ Server Rack)
Excel Networking Solutions
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
The Environ SR Server Rack is designed to provide choice, functionality and ease of use within high density server and equipment installations. With exceptional load bearing and split side panels together with mesh design front and wardrobe rear door options, the SR range is ideal for data centre and enterprise equipment room installations.

Excel Server Racks are strong and heavy-duty by design with a load capacity of up to 1300kg. This helps to maximise space in a Data Centre environment as the racks can cope with increased volumes of equipment and cabling infrastructure. The racks feature split side panels for easy access to the interior of the cabinets, making system maintenance and troubleshooting less challenging, particularly in compact environments. The ventilated, mesh-design front doors improve airflow throughout the cabinet prolonging the lifespan of the installation, whilst wardrobe rear doors allow for easy access when space is restricted.

When the Excel Server Racks are bayed together, there is an option to be able to add a brush strip to the removeable side panels to mitigate air dissipation and enhance airflow management when patching between racks. Additional data centre centric accessories, such as baffle plates, offer the ability to close off the space between the 19-inch profiles and the side panels, whilst still allowing cables to run through the rack. These types of product support Data Centre applications to become more efficient in managing airflow and heat dissipation within a rack, making the units ideal for facilities that deploy aisle containment systems.

Taking the Excel Server Rack to the next level, the cabinet can be built on-site by a team of product specialists, saving an installer time and money and allowing the end user to “move in” in record time.
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