Sharing is Caring (Excel Environ Co-Location Rack)
Excel Networking Solutions
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
The Environ Co-Location Rack takes the existing qualities of the Environ range but with the added benefit of having secure, lockable compartments. The Co-Location series is designed specifically for applications where equipment security is a priority, or where space is being used by different enterprise departments or clients with a shared facility.

The individual compartments of an Environ Co-Location Rack feature unique locks to the front, back and sides of the cabinet, providing a solution that is as secure as possible, making these products ideally suited for a shared data centre facility. Coupled with integrated vertical cable management only accessible through each individual compartment, the Co-Location series of racks prevents unauthorised tampering of equipment and cabling, making them a suitable choice for co-location data centre facilities. The mesh designed front and back doors of each compartment allow for optimum airflow, assisting in maximising efficiency and maintaining ideal environmental conditions, particularly where there are many racks in a small footprint. To ensure these racks stand apart from its competitors, the roof and base segments of the Excel Co-Location racks have recently been reformed to allow Commando style PDU plugs through, which provides an additional level of flexibility to the installer and end user.

The Co-Location series is an expansion of the existing Environ portfolio, featuring the strength, security and performance attributes that are renowned across the rest of the range. Users – both installers and end users – can rest assured in the quality of the product. For the end user, the features of the co-location racks allow for reduced cooling and power costs than installing an in-house data centre. The lower IT costs derive from less requirements for server resources, maintenance, support and security, leading to minimal system downtime, making this solution perfect for Cloud deployments or shared facilities where up to four individual enterprises can make use of one floor space of rack units.
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