Boden Type One DC project
Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Holistic approach on cooling
For air cooled data centers, energy can be wasted by providing too much air to the IT space from the cooling equipment. Traditionally, air cooled systems are controlled by providing a set temperature to the cold aisles, which invariably leads to slow response of the cooling systems to the thermal swings in the data center created by large changes in the IT workload. In the Boden Type DC One the cooling intelligently adopts to and works together with an algorithm that controls IT workloads, server fan speed and temperature in order to maximize efficiency.
We have already achieved that the cooling equipment responds instantly to the variation of server workload optimizing power use.
CPU temperatures vary between 40-80 °C depending on their workload. If these variations are minimized even higher efficiencies can be achieved. In further experiments on our roadmap we set server temperatures on constant level and plan to create workload distributions that are ideal for these server speeds. Or the other way around we create a workload distribution that keeps CPU temperatures as constant as possible. Applying simple physics in a sophisticated way by setting fan speed distribution that results in a closer to zero pressure difference between the cold and hot aisles when server airflow consumption varies from close to the coolers to that at the „other end” of the cold aisle.This cooling setup has enabled POD1 of the BodenTypeDC project to run with a thirty day rolling average PUE of 1.03 meaning that for each kWh of energy consumed by the IT systems, 30Wh is consumed by the facility, namely the cooling fans, power distribution losses and the lights