USystems Ltd
USystems Ltd
Data Centre Facilities Vendor of the Year
Entry Description
At USystems, we have been working tirelessly since 2007 on efficient technologies which allow our customers to reach the IT densities required combined with unprecedented levels of sustainable cooling efficiency with the ability to scale and without the need to supplemental cooling.
USystems already have a proven track record with our technologies being utilised to deliver class leading PUE results throughout the globe.
Our mission at USystems is to provide datacentres, hyperscale’s and HPC supercomputers with cooling solutions that improve operational and energy efficiency.
By 2022 there will be in the region of 30 billion devices connected, collecting and supplying data from 5G to autonomous vehicles or Edge Devices.
We have already seen this with financial High-Frequency Trading, Video Streaming and home working supporting these trends.
Datacentres need greater power density, which is why USystems focus is on having a huge positive impact on sustainability and total cost of ownership, but not at the cost of the impact it has on our environment. We do this by providing cooling solutions with lower energy usage, reduction of CO2 emissions and a significant reduction in water usage bringing WUE down zero.
USystems wants to enable Datacentres to be better, scalable and sustainable, reducing emissions CO2, save water and do what it can to help deliver better for future generations.
Our technologies are designed to help all datacentres and hyperscale’s become more efficient by minimizing their impact on the environment.