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Data Centre Sustainability Innovation Of The Year.
Entry Description
K2 had a vision to not only develop our own modular infrastructure to support our customer requirements, but to leverage our products to allow for modular construction. Today we are building that vision.

By working closely with are equipment partners, K2 have pushed through the limitations of existing designs to create a set of products that provide a greater power density within a smaller footprint. By doing so, K2 can capitalize on available land to provide greater IT white space at a higher density.

Typically, a new build DC will utilize modular construction techniques to reduce construction time and project risks. This can be in the form or skid mounted equipment, prefabricated containment, etc. While this does provide advantages over a traditional stick-built approach, K2 have taken this a step further.

For our projects, K2 have adopted a Modular Infrastructure approach. Our design and construction techniques have decentralized the critical infrastructure from the data centre building. Each new build can be considered as 3 concurrent projects.
• MV infrastructure
o Off-site fabricated, fully fitted MV PODs complete with all ancillary services and fire protection installed
o Containerized Generators, shipped to site with only the external equipment fitted on site
o The MV PODs can be cabled up and tested independently of the LV systems and the main building
o The MV control system is independent from the LV and therefore can be commissioned ready for connection to the LV system when available
• LV infrastructure
o Off-site fabricated, fully fitted LV PODs complete with all ancillary services and fire protection installed
o Each LV POD contains all the critical electrical equipment for a single power stream – RMU, TX, LV SWBD, UPS, Batteries, Cooling, etc.
o When ready they are cabled to the MV infrastructure for testing and commissioning, including UPS systems that are tested via the dedicated load bank connections.
• Building construction
o While the main building construction is ongoing the critical electrical infrastructure is installed concurrently, removing the inter-dependency.

When comparing our Modular Infrastructure construction programme to our own modular construction programme on previous builds, we have realized up to a 30% reduction in construction time. Our latest in construction project is currently running 29% ahead of programme. All these elements allow us to provide customers with market leading service ready dates.

From an environmental standpoint we have seen a reduction in construction waste due to critical plant being built off site, there is less wastage from the installation of services, cabling, etc. Furthermore, the reduced on-site install requires a smaller work force, which has allowed for better management and control of COVID outbreaks.

In addition to these holistic improvements, K2 DC are also leveraging an emerging part of the K2 Group, Renewable Energies. The data centre design incorporates the use of roof mounted photovoltaic panels to offset the cooling electrical loads. This translates up to a 19.5% reduction in energy usage to cool the IT equipment, reducing our overall PUE. Likewise, all our utility connections are from 100% green energy tariffs.
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