Asiacell communications PJSC
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New Design/Build Data Centre Project Of The Year
Entry Description
Asiacell, since its inception in 1999 has been pioneering the telecommunications landscape in Iraq. Over the past two decades, Asiacell has been providing the highest quality of telecommunication service to its 14 million plus mobile subscriber across country.

Asiacell is leading Iraqi telecommunication industry, its subscribers are greedy for more, and Asiacell has faced below challenges:
A) Market Requirement. Need to consider flexible and expandable solution to overcome below factors :
• Colocation, hosting requirement
• 4G /VoLTE launching
• Unpredicted Business Growth
B) Long TTM and One-stop Investment Haunt DC Constructions: constructing traditional Datacenters would take long time, also would need to plan for five to eight years requirement in day one which will increase the total cost.
• Long TTM Loses Opportunities.
• Unpredictable Business Growth Could Waste Investments.
C) Conventional Data Center consumes extra power : traditional DCs efficiency is low in terms of power/cooling utilization, therefore lead to un-efficient cost and high OPEX
• Energy, Largest Share of Costs.
• 50% OPEX is spent on electricity.
• Conventional data center suffers high energy consumption due to local hot spots, mixed air flow and poor-efficiency facility.
• High PUE.
D) Climate Change and Disasters Threaten DC Facilities: need to make special design to overcome the disasters, in this site we designed to implement Storm water solution where it will help to overcome the possible flooding issue without relying on government main drainage network.
E) Manual O&M: Less Efficient & More Risky: traditional DC has suffered from low management system due to low integrity of different equipment, which leads to manual O&M that increases the cost and unexpected human mistakes. Need to consider unified vendor to ensure the integrity of all equipment and unified management system
• Only Fault alarms, no proactive cautions
• Hard to locate the fault spots
• Large O&M team: one team on one site
• No unified resource and expert platform
• Fragmented Management, Low Efficiency & Low Reliability, Monitoring, access, racks, power, DG, transformer, environment, cooling, FFS, security.

In order to achieve the challenges, such as TTM, High integrity, flexible and on demand expansion, Day one cost control, Asiacell Chose to go with the prefabricated solution.

This allowing Asiacell to reduce the timeline from two years to one year ( 50% reduction of implementation duration) , also control the investment as the solution is flexible to expand in future, no over investment , and most significantly is reducing the PUE that will eat the profit .

The project timeline was to implement within 12 months from PO issue date including the generating the Schematic and details drawings and scheduling, manufacturing, delivering the equipment (Generators, Transformers, Panels, Prefabricated Containers etc...).

The local market in Iraq doesn’t have enough supplies for this domain, especially when it needs to build high standards DC follow Tier III standard, all critical components including but not limited to generators, transformers , panels , Cooling, etc. are imported from outside.

Asiacell selected the prefabricated container Datacenter as solution to overcome the market requirement rapid growth from one side, also cost control from the other side plus other benefits related to efficient O&M and TTM.

Asiacell selected the DX cooling solution to element all possible hot spots and reduce PUE.

The Prefabricated Containers where highly integrated and tested in the factory before delivering to Iraq. The floor layout were designed by Asiacell , vendor and 3rd party DC office to ensure that design were meeting the local law requirement as well as efficient utilization of the land , since the land rental fees where expensive so the space were relatively limited.
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