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Data Centre Power Innovation Of The Year
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Huawei PowerPod Solution integrates full-power links from the medium-voltage transformer to the load feeder, to provide MW-level integrated power supply, distribution, and backup solutions for large data centers. The PowerPod Solution features integration, reliability, energy saving, time-saving, labor-saving for installation, architecture compatibility, fast and flexible deployment, and integrated centralized monitoring.

The PowerPod solution has a built-in modular UPS. Prefabricated copper bars are used to shorten power supply links, improving the power supply efficiency of the original data center power supply and distribution system from 94.5% to 97.8%, significantly reducing energy consumption. The system consists of the transformer, low-voltage power distribution cabinet, reactive power compensation, UPS, feeder cabinet, inter-cabinet copper bar, and monitoring system. The system is prefabricated in the factory and can be tested in advance to ensure product quality. In addition, the whole system is delivered to the site, which greatly shortens the delivery time.

Compared with the traditional power supply and distribution system (maximum system efficiency: 94.5%), the link efficiency of Huawei PowerPod solution can be improved to 97.8%. If 1000 cabinets are used, IT capacity is 8 Mbit/s, and the load rate is 80%, the air conditioner COP is 3.0, and the traditional power supply efficiency is up to 94.5%. The power supply efficiency 2 of Huawei PowerPod solution can be up to 95.5%. (The Beijing 2019 discount coefficient is 2.6932 tons of standard coal/10,000 kwh.)

In terms of electricity saving and sustainable development, compared with the traditional power supply and distribution system, Huawei PowerPod solution can save 2,739,000 kwh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to 737.55 tons of standard coal and 1,235.85 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

•Simple: With modular, hot swappable components all prefabricated in the factory, Time To Market (TTM) is slashed by 75%, while maintenance is simplified.

•Green: Featuring full-link convergence to reduce the physical footprint by more than 30%. Power link efficiency also reaches up to 95.5%, supplying power in an environmentally-friendly way.

•Smart and Reliable: Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is made easy thanks to a visualized system, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered fault prediction and proactive maintenance, life prediction of core components, on-line switch settings, and sound and image recognition.

China Transport Telecommunications & Information Center (CTTIC) CLOUD uses Huawei PowerPod solution. Compared with those in a conventional solution, the power supply and distribution systems used in the new solution take up 40% less space, allowing the customer to deploy 350 more IT cabinets and save more than 16,000 meters of power cables. In addition, products are prefabricated in the factory, ensuring faster onsite delivery in two weeks. AI technology is used to implement predictive maintenance, making the power supply system safer and more reliable.
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