Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and Efficiency Award
Entry Description
EcoCooling are Innovators in Direct Fresh Air and Adiabatic Solutions

At EcoCooling our mission is to save the country 1% on its total energy bill. That’s equivalent to shutting down a power station!

We can achieve these huge savings by using cold outside air to cool facilities. In places like the Nordics no additional cooling is required, however in the rest of Europe we use evaporative cooling to cost effectivley reduce temperatures during warmer weather. Fresh air (free cooling) and evaporative cooling are simple, safe and natural alternatives to refrigeration which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs. Our evaporative cooling and ventilation systems are designed to be used across the UK, Europe and Internationally.

Our complimentary design advice service capitalises on our vast industry experience and we can work closely with consultants and end-user clients to help optimise EcoCooling technology for their prospective installations.

EcoCooling products and control systems are designed to be used across a range of environments and our team can work to specific requirements.
With over 15 years of evaporative and fresh air cooling experience, we pride ourselves on having some of the most innovative, eco-friendly and performance driven products on the market.