Mark Awdas Engineering Director at Cannon Technologies - SMARTBUILDING UPTIME TIER III READY 100Kw to 1mW
Cannon Technologies Ltd
Data Centre Industry Contribution of the Year
Entry Description
CANNON UPTIME INSTITUTE Tier 3 READY prefabricated datacentre designs canon be to fully commissioned in around four to six months. With a lifespan of 30+ years CANNON SMART BUILDING range of Modular DC's are a cost effective solution for businesses looking to expand existing infrastructure or build new On-premise or Regional Edge deployments. The CANNON SMART BUILDING RANGE starts at 100kW (approx. 20 racks) and can build a solution up to 1mW (150+ racks).

Mark Awdas Engineering Director at Cannon Technologies realised that no Modular Data Centre product was available with predesigned TIER III Ready status. A 12+ month programme working with industry leading experts from the work of UPS, Batteries, Thermal Management, Monitoring assisted to create the latest generation of Cannon SMART Building MDC.

To ensure efficient, low cost, quick deployment solutions, Mark realised early on that Cannon needed to focus on the pain points surrounding both Modular build and Traditional Data Centre Build. The result is a range of the most common sizes of Edge, Enterprise, Metro MDC's which tick all the boxes plus more.

No mean feat if you've ever tried to gain Uptime Tier III approval for not just one design but four designs ranging from Entry Mini/Edge MDC at 100kW moving to the 1mW solution which becomes a leading option for many organisation, and all with the confidence that they can achieve TIIII approval in a much shorter and less costly route.

- Repeatable Modular Design product
- Rapid Deployment compared to a traditional bricks and mortar new build,
- Can be built in a fraction of the time a traditional DC requires allowing customers to accelerate their DC build in most cases by up to 50%.
- Modular allowing "Pay as You Grow" construction saving on upfront CAPEX and ongoing OPEX.
- TIER 3 Ready Designs reducing the pain and cost of full certification as it's already part completed with the Cannon Tier 3 ready designs
- Efficiency and savings through "best of breed" Centiel UPS Systems
- Efficiency and savings through "best of breed" With-In-Row cooling director to the aisle space
- Efficiency and saving through use of Cold/Hot aisle separation, airflow lock systems reduce recirculation or short circuit of cold or hot air
- Efficiency and saving through use of Hybrid chiller units using Free Air Cooling with mechanical cooling only when required
- Efficiency and saving through use of chilled water rather than harmful DX gas refrigerant - Saving the planet
- Where available Cannon utilise Recycled or repurposed steel to allow for a reduction in Carbon Footprint.
- SMART Monitoring measures Carbon Footprint and allows for constant review of area's for reduction in energy and operating costs
- SMART Secure NGEN provides audit trails for system entry, historical data capture allows energy usage to be monitored at individual equipment level; comparing historical data allows for preventative maintenance of monitored equipment and replacement of failing items which could lead to increased energy consumption, generated heat, product failure etc.
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