Keysource and CENTIEL help to underpin growth in UK Government’s drive for world-class innovative vaccine, cell and gene therapy manufacturing capability
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Keysource and CENTIEL help to underpin growth in UK Government’s drive for world-class innovative vaccine, cell and gene therapy manufacturing capability

Global data centre and critical infrastructure specialists Keysource, in association with Swiss-based UPS manufacturer CENTIEL has completed an installation of a truly modular, scalable, and highly efficient UPS and Electrical Infrastructure solution to help underpin growth in a UK Government effort to develop world-class innovative vaccine, cell and gene therapy manufacturing capability.

This is the first medical facility in the UK to install Li-ion batteries in combination with CENTIEL’s true modular UPS, CumulusPowerTM , which can be maintained concurrently reducing the risk of downtime to just milliseconds per year.

This innovative solution combines the highest availability UPS, and the latest Li-ion battery technology to provide over half a megawatt (MW) of protection, scalable to 1.5MW.

As well as addressing the immediate need to produce vaccines, the new Cell and Gene Therapy Centre will be at the forefront of the growing UK cell and gene therapy industry. Scientists and researchers based in the centre will accelerate the time taken for new treatments to be delivered to patients by developing cutting-edge therapies to treat life-changing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. They aim to fulfil the immediate and long-term needs of the UK cell and gene therapy industry.

The edge data centre that supports the essential laboratory work, is responsible for ensuring that samples and vaccines remain in optimal condition. The day one requirement was for 540kW N+1 of protection scalable to 1.5 MW at day two. This is part of an ongoing strategy for the campus to expand and grow its capability further over the coming years within the Energy Centre supporting campus.

The facility runs off different energy sources from the grid to sustainable power. This means the UPS is called on more often to provide a clean, continuous source of power. Our solution was to split the system to supply two 300kW units in a parallel configuration to deliver a 540kW N+1 (600kW) UPS in a 1.5M2 footprint. The entire system fits into just 3m2, including batteries and racks.

We chose to install Li-ion batteries as the recharge times are up to 4 times faster when compared to traditional VLRA. Li-ion is also around 80% lighter and can occupy 70% less space, with space constraints a key driver alongside a drive from the client for Innovation. Li-ion batteries offered the perfect solution as they are highly capable of cycling many times over, unlike traditional VRLA batteries, where cycling shortens their design life significantly.

At Keysource we deliver the finest and most efficient facilities, utilizing the latest in critical power and cooling technologies. Our solutions support the latest generation of high-performance, high-density computing and have been internationally recognized as examples of best practice. We are proud to support clients that lead the development of new, innovative technologies to bolster the UK’s cell and gene therapy industry. This project is a perfect example of why investing in critical infrastructure, and its protection is essential to ensure these vital services continue to operate, now and in the future.
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