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Minkels has added a new portfolio of row-based coolers as part of their Nexpand cabinet and containment portfolio - the Chilled Water (CW) option for high density cooling and the Direct Expansion (DX) option for small and medium-sized data centres. The cooling models can be deployed between cabinets or bayed to a single cabinet and offer a flexible architecture – the models can be used as part of a row of cabinets, or on a one cabinet to one cooler ratio or, for very high density applications, two coolers for one cabinet.

The 40 kW and 60 kW CW models and the 10 kW and 20 kW DX models bring all the benefits of row-based cooling to the high density computing environment:
• Cooling equipment is close to the heat source, shortening the airflow path, thereby decreasing power consumption of the fan units.
• Provides a fast, dynamic response of the coolers to changing heat densities..
• Sustainability is at the forefront of the Nexpand row-based cooling solutions

The increasing importance of intelligent automation technologies to help manage the data centre environment is reflected in the CW and DX unit’s range of communications options, based on state-of-the-art Carel hardware:
• Serial communication with RS485 comes as standard.
• Ethernet communication options (SNMPv2c, BACNET, MODBUS TCP/IP) are available to facilitate Building Management System (BMS) connectivity.
• Up to 16 DX units can be connected in a LAN network with a maximum of 8 subgroups to work together in a functional manner (e.g., cooler rotation).

Features and Benefits

• TOP AND BOTTOM PIPING CONNECTIONS - Connections for piping may enter the cooler from either the top or bottom of the unit. To facilitate this, all versions of the DX10 and DX20 accommodate top and bottom piping entry into the cooler. Also included on top and bottom are cable throughputs for connectivity, power, and condensate discharge.
• DISPLAY - The display is placed at eyesight and is seamlessly integrated in the perforated or blind doors. The latter depends on the chosen cooling configuration. It enables reading the most important values for the cooling performance, such as cold and hot aisle temperatures as well as fan speed and the degree of opening of the water valve. The standard display comes with buttons to navigate through the controller software. The display can be upgraded with a touch screen display for a more premium look and feel of the cooling solution.
• ADVANCED CONTROL & MONITORING - To make sure you always know how the cooler is performing these are equipped with remote monitoring possibilities. Modbus RTU is standardly available as well as digital in and outputs. This will allow you to monitor and control a vast number of business-critical parameters.
• SECURITY - As the Coolers are based on the Nexpand platform the front and rear closure is the same as with the standard IT cabinets. Apart from keeping the same look & feel it also enables the use of the same mechanical locking possibilities as with our range of IT cabinets. With this, we ensure the highest level of security possible.
• HOT SWAPPABLE FANS The coolers are equipped with hot swappable fans. To minimize possible downtime due to fan failure, this feature enables swift and safe replacement of the fans. The unit does not need to be turned off to replace the fan(s), so the issue of a faulty fan can be resolved in a matter of minutes.
• HYDROPHILIC COILS - As a standard, all our models feature heat exchangers with Hydrophilic treatment. This special coating facilitates the condensate discharge towards the drip tray which is placed below the heat exchanger. Our specialists will always offer a solution that works with 100% of sensible cooling capacity. However, in the rare cases condensate might occur it is re-assuring that this is properly taken care of.
• EC FAN TECHNOLOGY - The fans are all equipped with EC fan technology. The benefits are an extended lifetime and a significant increase in the energy efficiency of the unit. Also, the fans are equipped with emergency speed functions. This means that even with controller downtime the fans are still running.
• NEXPAND FRAME - The cooling technology is fully integrated in a Nexpand frame. In this way, you benefit from the same look & feel throughout your white space solution. Baying to adjacent cabinets is done in the exact same way as baying IT cabinets.
• SLIDE-OUT ELECTRICAL BOX - The electrical box is designed to take up as little space as possible without interfering with air distribution over the whole working height of the unit. To achieve this, without affecting accessibility during the initial start-up and unscheduled maintenance operations, a sliding drawer version has been created. This design also prevents tangling of the wiring whilst sliding.


Improving energy efficiency is one of the main goals in the data centre industry. Two of the main challenges faced at the cabinet and containment level are firstly the fact that the growing trend of higher heat densities per cabinet is resulting in higher energy consumption of the equipment installed in the cabinets when its fans activate to get rid of this heat. Secondly, the market is facing an issue with air leakages and recirculation when combining coolers with cabinets due to a lack of smooth integration between both.

When Legrand launched the Nexpand platform, one of the key targets was to provide customers with the most energy efficient data centre possible. To do this, the Nexpand platform focused on providing the best-in-class airflow management solution as well as a brand-new cooling solution when the CRAC units are not enough or when the infrastructure can only be served with these coolers.

Results Achieved

Nexpand brand new coolers have been developed to be installed in the same frame as the Nexpand cabinet, so now the new portfolio of CW and DX coolers; DX10kW, DX20kW, CW40kW, CW60kW, are not only available and ready to work with the higher demands of the market but also capable of benefiting from the vast portfolio of accessories that the Nexpand platform has. Thanks to the seamless design and integration of the cooling solution under the same frame package, all the airflow management accessories that ensure no air leakage between cabinets can also be used between cabinets and coolers, same goes for the bottom frame and floor. The coolers can also provide continuity and isolation to the cabling solution that normally runs on top of the cabinets too, as mentioned, all accessories are available.

Coolers are no longer simply devices that actively remove heat, with Nexpand they are also passively operating to deliver the best airflow management solution that the market offers. The coolers have also been designed to switch between themselves automatically to ensure cooling of the equipment as a fail-over feature, if customers want to optimize the performance and life of their coolers, Nexpand also provides as a standard feature that this switch occurs in timeframes defined by the customers.


Transport Tool (All coolers)
With this cooling solution, we have also thought of every step in the product lifecycle. The DX10, DX20, and CW40 are all 300mm wide with a relatively high center of gravity. This may impose, with its weight varying between 250-300kg a risk when getting these off a pallet and transporting them in the white space area. To mitigate this risk, we have paid extra attention to a safe and easy installation of the coolers by designing a transport tool. This tool which is used to take the coolers off the pallet and to safely manoeuvre the cooler to its end destination is greatly valued by installation and service partners.

Integrated Float Switch (All coolers)
As an extra security feature, each cooler is standardly equipped with a float switch installed in the drip tray. The purpose of the float switch is to sense when a maximum level of condensate is reached. When activated, it shall give a Flooding Alarm. If this alarm occurs, it may indicate a blocked condensate discharge and/or excessive condensation. Our specialist will always offer a solution that works with 100% of sensible cooling capacity. However, in the rare cases condensate might occur it is re-assuring this is properly taken care of.

DX Load Balancing (DX coolers only)
With DX installations we must respect a minimum heat load for the Inverter Compressor to run efficiently and to ensure optimal setpoint control. Because in practise we experience very often that the total cooling capacity installed is over 4x the (initial) heat load, we may run into an inefficient way of cooling the data center. To balance the installed heat load versus the available cooling capacity we have equipped the units as a standard with so-called rotation functionality. With this functionality, coolers shall be placed in a LAN network after which we can divide them into subgroups. If for example, we need two coolers (instead of four) to be active for a more balanced heat load vs cooling capacity ratio, we can place the other two coolers in a different subgroup which will be on standby. We can then define the timing by which they will rotate (weekly, daily) so we achieve an even wear and tear of the units.


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