Virtual Infrastructure as a Service Platform with Several High-Performance NVMe Storage Clusters running on StorPool Storage
Cloud Project Of The Year
Entry Description
In their search for a storage platform, Krystal reviewed several SDS
options as well as traditional SAN alternatives.
In the end they selected StorPool because of its high performance,
robust API, unique space savings features and the extremely high
level of data protection offered from its triple data replication.
“It is absolutely critical for us that our storage is both 100% reliable and
100% available. And StorPool 100% lives up to that promise!”, said
Alex Easter, CTO of Krystal.
According to Simon Blackler, CEO of Krystal StorPool combines technical
proficiency with passion. That’s a rare combination and it’s been an
absolute pleasure for Krystal to work with StorPool’s and get to know the
team over the last few years. Simon shared he is very excited about what
Krystal and StorPool are going to be able to achieve together in the future .
Key Benefits - Performance, Data Security, Space Savings, Hardware savings, Density improvement.
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