Dave Bolton
Data Centre Manager of the Year
Entry Description
Dave came in to lead the account last year during a time of change – with a number of changes in personnel, areas of challenged delivery & an ongoing renewal discussion that required a different tact going forward.

Dave was very quickly able to come on to the account & establish trust & credibility with the team and with the customer by putting the people and the service delivery at the heart of every conversation and interaction. Dave did a fantastic job of setting a vision for the account and future partnership that everyone could get behind & he used every trick in the book (literally, Dave’s a member of the Magic Circle) to raise awareness, morale and pride in the great work the teams do every day in collaboration with our client.

Dave worked across leadership and the wider business to bring the best of our business to account team and to our customer, securing:
 increased recognition and reward for our front line workers, benchmarked across the sector
 significant additional investment in training and development
 long-term value based partnerships with our supply chain
 a scalable staffing model that increases site resiliency & knowledge retention, creates significant opportunities for the team to develop and progress in their careers and provides the customer with transparency and cost certainty for future planning and expansion.

It’s a rare talent to be able to come into an existing team and in a short space of time make them your own, even more so to elevate that team and customer relationship in parallel that pleases the senior operational and technical client and the CFO! Dave has managed just that and rightly secured a long-term renewal to our partnership with one of our most prestigious clients. What truly makes him deserving of recognition is that, like the true leader and genuine human he is, he’d credit it all to the team. Well done and thank you Dave – a truly inspirational leader and a credit to us all.