Chris Williams - Global Alliance Director
Data Centre Industry Contribution of the Year
Entry Description
Chris began his CBRE career as an Operations Manager in 2016 and his progression over the years has been at a tremendous pace. His recent promotion to Global Alliance Director ensures alignment between our organisation and our global clients to maximize value creation while ensuring excellence in operational delivery. It is a role that involves overseeing the division in its entirety. Chris is a a seasoned leader, who has a track record of managing large account teams across multiple regions which is critical in fulfilling our commitments to our client.

In addition to him driving innovation and delivering exceptional results in contracts both in the UK and Europe, being the visionary that he is he saw the need for data centre engineers and decided to start a program of educating the educators by letting them know that companies out there like CBRE are looking for young bright minds to enter this industry at apprenticeship and internship levels.

He put together a CBRE Knowledge team of 30 which comprised of Engineers, Graduates, Coordinators, Managers, Apprentices and took them present their diverse stories to the 6th Form of Southbank University Academy. The objective was to let the kids know there are other options out there especially if there is no financial capability to attend University. CBRE have apprenticeships, internships and a graduate program which allows students to gain the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in technical careers within the data centre sector. He saw the gap in the data centre market and he aims to fill it with young, curious minds. This pioneering CBRE Knowledge Group founded by Chris is expected to travel to more schools in low income areas to continue to educate school leavers about the opportunities in the data centre industry. Ultimately CBRE and similar companies will reap the reward of a well-stocked talent pipeline

Continuing on from his involvement with the schools, he also is our CBRE representative in the University Training College (UTC) Heathrow's newly unveiled Digital Futures Programme – an exciting curriculum aimed at giving students the best possible start to a career within the Data Centre Industry.

In addition to his full-time role as Global Alliance Director and his helping children navigate their way through school and into employment he is involved with numerous support groups and reverse mentoring programs.

Chris's contribution to the data centre industry is remarkable purely because he is solutioning the shortage of skills in the data centre industry and trying to make it more appealing to the younger generation especially since student debt is a contentious topic. His aim is to incentivise our next generation to train in areas which are plainly suffering from shortages.