Katherine Killerby-Schoeman (she/her)
Data Centre Manager of the Year
Entry Description
Katherine consistently strives for excellence and creates a climate of continuous improvement while also supporting other managers and staff to lead and inspire others. Last year, Katherine won our internal 'Contract Support of the Year' award. Katherine is fully invested in her continuous self-improvement which is evidenced by her extremely positive attitude towards learning. She adds value by consistently improving her knowledge and skillset by completing training courses and is the contract QHSE Systems Champion.

With Katherine’s extensive data centre expertise and positive leadership; she joined the mentoring program where she has 2 mentees who she is assisting with their personal and professional development.

In addition to running a data centre that exceeds her customer's expectations, she created a new way of signing off Tool Box Talks using Microsoft Flow and Forms that she has already shared with her Business Unit and our QHSE department. The forms she created for QHSE Logbooks will be standardised for use across CBRE. Katherine has also come up with a few innovative solutions that she regularly submits to our Innovations Hub.

Katherine is an exemplary example of going above and beyond her duties as a Contract Manager, making sure her knowledge of data centres is up to date, sharing this knowledge with her peers and ensuring the customer is kept happy. She has raised the caliber of our CBRE delivery and efficiency across her Business Unit.