Qumulo as a Service on Microsoft Azure
Managed Services / Colocation Project Of The Year
Entry Description
One public cloud isn’t nearly enough to keep up with the exponential growth of unstructured data. Qumulo recognizes the dominance of multi-cloud in today’s data landscape, and most of its customers operate in more than one public cloud. So in 2021, it launched Qumulo as a Service on Microsoft Azure (QaaS) to deliver powerful scale and simplicity, packaged up neatly under one easy managed service.

QaaS is the first petabyte-scale data platform delivered as a managed service in the cloud - a major step in Qumulo’s evolution as a software-based platform. Massive scalability isn’t just game-changing; in many circumstances, it’s life-changing. If you have a time-sensitive research project like the COVID-19 vaccine and you run out of cloud storage space, it should be simple to add a node and scale up with minimal disruptions. It should be simple to protect medical images like X-rays with robust data replication capabilities and automatic recovery. If you need to work on a creative project in the cloud, you should have your virtual studio ready to go at a moment's notice. Qumulo on Azure solves real customer challenges, and delivers outcomes from medical breakthroughs to blockbuster movies.

One of the strongest value propositions of QaaS is it has flexible pricing, designed to give customers ultimate flexibility with a flat, capacity-based licensing model. All storage nodes and clusters are available on the Azure Marketplace, and while other NAS platforms recommend leaving up to 30% of their storage unused for maximum performance, Qumulo’s file system is efficient enough to use 100% of a storage cluster’s capacity without any performance loss. Customers get instant storage with pay-as-you-grow capacity, and can spin up and spin down storage resources in the Azure cloud as needed for projects. This allows users to have constant and consistent control over their costs as their data grows.