Studio Q
Cloud Project Of The Year
Entry Description
Qumulo was born out of the need for simpler data solutions, which means creating simple solutions specifically tailored to industry pain points. For example, the media and entertainment industry needs to manage high-quality, high-performing and highly scalable video and image files. Today’s media studios often work with massive 4K video sizes, demanding a hefty 84MB of data storage space a minute. These workloads are demanding enough as it is – but the shift to remote work presented an even greater challenge. Essentially overnight, at the onset of the pandemic, Qumulo helped move its customers to the cloud to seamlessly enable remote workflows without interruption.

Remote collaboration challenges will always remain. To alleviate this pain point, Qumulo introduced Studio Q, a post-production platform that enables creative teams to replicate the video editing process in the cloud. Studio Q runs Adobe Premiere Pro on AWS and Teradici for low-latency connection, so that multiple users can access a single workstream together without disruption. Video producers have to create extremely data-intensive content on aggressive deadlines, and they have to be able to do it from anywhere – like Pixar’s Soul, which did post-production remotely. Studio Q has the storage and performance to easily handle today’s massive HD video sizes, essentially enabling studio-quality video content from anywhere.

You don’t need to be a cloud expert to use Studio Q – it was designed as an easy-to-install package that can be set up and deployed in minutes. With Studio Q, creative teams can meet deadlines faster and easily scale production so that they can spend less time architecting infrastructure and more time creating. Customers like Industrial Brothers – a full-service animation studio – rely on Qumulo’s cloud services to recreate the collaborative studio experience remotely. When the pandemic first hit, Industrial Brothers was able to replicate its entire creative workflow on the AWS cloud within a few days. This quick turnaround time is essential for creators who are constrained by tight deadlines and rely on instant access to data-intensive applications and content. By implementing Studio Q, Qumulo’s customers were able to keep their businesses running successfully and adapt to the dramatic shifts in today’s work environment.