Itility Cloud Control reduces complexity and improves usability with LogicMonitor
Cloud Project Of The Year
Entry Description
Service Overview

LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring offering, LM Cloud, provides a fast, three-step setup wizard that automatically discovers, applies, and scales monitoring for the user’s entire cloud ecosystem. LM Cloud enables users to experience executive-level dashboards and gain deep technical insights into AWS, GCP, VMware, and/or Microsoft Azure together with all of their other infrastructure components within a single, unified platform.

With LM Cloud, users get access to rapid API-based monitoring of business-critical cloud platforms and SaaS applications -- without deploying any agents. Users can onboard and proactively monitor within minutes, thanks to LM Cloud’s intuitive, guided setup and automatic configuration.

LM Cloud features quick troubleshooting to provide instant visibility into cloud resources, logs, and applications to correlate performance across a user’s entire stack. Users are granted enhanced visualisations for on-prem, cloud, and microservice topology within the platform, which streamlines workflows that may have previously leveraged legacy or vendor-agnostic platforms. LM Cloud leverages automated log analysis in the context of IT Infrastructure performance, giving users insight to know where and why an event is happening. For modern companies focused on delivering a seamless employee and customer experience, LogicMonitor’s LM Cloud platform enables them to keep their businesses running smoothly during the pandemic and beyond.

Customer Testimony

Itility Cloud Control (ICC) uses LogicMonitor’s unified monitoring platform to provide a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to support their customers. Moving on from custom-built monitoring solutions, ICC has scaled and grown their business and their offerings to customers by utilising LogicMonitor’s out of the box functionality and seamless integrations.

Testimony from Stefan Prisca, an Engineer in Itility’s Cloud Control team:

“Itility Cloud Control (ICC) is our own product that provides hands-off IT capabilities to our customers, including infrastructure, IT services, standardised and automated, both for on-prem data centres and the cloud. To monitor the services, we are using LogicMonitor’s cloud offering, LM Cloud.

“In the past, we faced two notable monitoring challenges within ICC. The first challenge was that we used custom built monitoring tools, which we were unable to maintain when expanding to multiple customers. The second challenge was meeting a growing demand for end-to-end application monitoring. This took a significant amount of time to set up and manage and was difficult to share with multiple customers. At Itility, we always strive to innovate and make things better, so we searched for a solution to solve these challenges and found it in LogicMonitor.

“LogicMonitor’s cloud solution offers a range of integrations and out of the box functionality for our monitoring requirements, all with the flexibility to add and fine-tune new resources. This allows us to deliver better, faster and cheaper support to our customers and enables us to scale up quicker or to build new functionality where there is demand.

“While we’re still in the early stages, LogicMonitor has already improved our ICC services by reducing complexity, improving usability and keeping costs to a minimum. Together with LogicMonitor, we will keep exploring, expanding and improving to bring our customers the insights they are looking for.”