ClearView Assessment
Park Place Technologies
Data Centre Managed Services Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Network support and maintenance costs can take a healthy bite out of your annual IT budget. Park Place Technologies’ proprietary software-based ClearView™ contract analyzer provides an objective recommendation on how to optimize network hardware support down to the device level. ClearView provides a simple yet data-rich report including hardware and software warranty information, detailed supportability notes, and key milestone data.

The result? Reduced network maintenance costs, plus minimized risks and disruption with no compromise in service levels.

Simply send us a list of your network assets
We’ll match the list against millions of relevant data points considering each device’s operational impact, role in the customer experience, place in the workflow, compliance issues, associated risks, as well as the cost and options for support
Within two business days, we provide an impartial recommendation on the optimal mix of support including:
The devices that should stay on manufacturer support
Those that we recommended moving to Park Place Hardware Maintenance™
Equipment that is a good match for NetSure+ – our service that combines of third-party support with our global logistics expertise
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