Data Dynamics enables file modernization into a data lake for data sharing with classification and search for a global customer experience technology and services company
Data Dynamics
Edge Project Of The Year
Entry Description
Data Dynamics’ StorageX creates a next-generation capability around file storage management, giving customers more real-time insights and automation around file access security, anomaly detection, intelligent multi-cloud, and agile metadata and access pattern analytics, which are used to drive data management actions.

This allows customers to correlate file access, file ownership, and utilization, driving data management policies to reduce the surface area for ransomware attacks, making immutable copies of data, driving data tiering, creating data lakes, and location optimization. StorageX provides intelligence-based data analytics and mobility in a hybrid cloud environment. The release of our globally recognized StorageX software provides support for cloud-to-cloud mobility and interoperability for migrations to Azure File, Azure Blob, Google Cloud Platform, and S3 Object Storage. It simplifies the migration process by providing templates that guide best policy creation and management practices, which can be configured and managed via a robust suite of API.

With the help of StorageX, a Data Dynamics client, a fortune 1000 CX technology and services company created a modern data sharing data lake architecture from edge to cloud storage.

The organization maintains NICE application telephone call recordings for their customers, but these call recordings were stored on several distributed NAS file systems where the data was difficult to share and had limited namespaces. There were many issues with the organization’s old data storage system where they used to store data of their customer interaction recordings, such as not being able to access or share the data for further use. Further, the unmanaged data sprawl across multiple data centers made data analysis difficult to classify and to gain knowledge about the types of data and sensitive data were present.
In order to move these recordings to S3 cloud object storage, on-premises as an internal data lake, the customer required a method of ingesting, categorizing, searching, and retrieving data.

Data Dynamics deviated from the conventional approach to address the challenges in the following way.
Firstly, Data Dynamic's StorageX enabled the consolidation of all the data present on multiple locations into a modern S3 cloud object storage environment. Further, it created data lakes for proper classification of data and made it easier to share, use, and analyze the data.
The data lakes were further integrated into NICE, which is a customer experience workforce management application. By integrating and consolidating data, the client was able to provide a better customer experience to its customers.

The Data Dynamics StorageX File to Object replication feature took the contents of a SMB share as the source and replicated the files to an object-based destination platform/bucket. StorageX simplified the migration process by providing templates that guide best policy creation and management practices, which can be configured and managed via a robust suite of API. The policy allowed the customer to add up to 10 custom tags to the objects created by StorageX. These tags are used to classify and search for these files on the new object storage platform.

The objects created were named using the Path-To-Key naming convention, which included the source server, share or export, each directory in the path, and the original filename as the object's name. An example is server\share\directory\directory\filename as the object key. This naming convention proved too long for the NICE application to ingest and re-use the archived recordings. The customer leveraged the File to Object Transform API to establish a custom key name that can be used with the NICE application.

StorageX 8.5 accelerated the cloud journey and provided the intelligence required for data migration and created a data-sharing library of the call recordings. The project was originally going to take several person-years of effort in a highly manual process. The customer completed the conversion and modernization of 190 TB of call recordings in approximately 6 months with StorageX automation. The client was able to offer its customers a better customer experience after integrating data lakes with NICE and consolidating data. Upgrading the system of data storage not only provided the customer with a better understanding of their data but allowed for proper analysis and use across business sectors as well.