UPSaver 3vo - Modular UPS for Data Centres
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The new generation of UPS UPSaver 3vo is a High Power Modular UPS for data centres, providing the highest overall reliability and availability of any technology in the market. The flexibility of the system is designed to adapt to the critical and changing data centre demands. With state-of-the-art components and design, we have produced one of the most compact, highly efficient, and fully adaptable power protection systems.

• Hot-swappable 333 kW modules up to 2.67 MW
• Power parallel scalable up to 21 MW
• High reliability with current parallel control
• >97% weighted efficiency


• Maximum flexibility - Its modular design allows easy system resizing by addition of power modules. Maintenance operations can be done without powering down the system and without switching to bypass line.
• Low environmental footprint - UPSaver 3vo can feed at maximum efficiency any load up to unit power factor and its transformer-free design makes it lighter and more compact for higher environmental sustainability. UPSaver 3vo can operate in all International Electrotechnical Commission classified modes of operation: double-conversion (VFI), ECO mode (VFD), and Ultra High Efficiency (VFD).
• Low maintenance cost - Green Battery Management and Green Conversion technology save battery life, by mitigating the major root causes of battery ageing, such as ripple current and floating charge micro currents. UHE mode of operation dramatically increases the duration of wearing components.
• Maximum safety - UPSaver 3vo comes with integrated back feed protection for maximum operator safety.
• 100% Made in Italy


• The system is based on 333 kW power modules UPSaver 3vo and an I/O module for cable connection, system bypass, and user interface. Power modules have removable sub-modules for easy maintenance and low MTTR. Configuration options include N+R redundancy, distributed and centralized battery.
• The I/O module can be configured to allow power modules hot connection and disconnection without switching to the bypass line.
• Unit input power factor, input THDi <3%, programmable soft start, hold-off, and low input capacity power, make UPSaver 3vo your Genset’s best friend.


Saving energy is one of the main goals in the data centre industry, due to rising energy bills and environmental constraints. The challenge data centre operators face is how to improve their data centre PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), whilst also having IT infrastructure that is flexible enough to cope with changing requirements. Borri has translated all these needs into the high-efficient and modular UPSaver 3vo solutions for unmatched energy savings, a minimised TCO, and a low environmental footprint.

UPSaver 3vo is a modular, scalable, and flexible UPS offering an adaptable approach to the changing data centre. Compact, high power 333 kW modules can be scaled up to 2.6 MW in a single unit and up to 21 MW in a parallel system, making the solutions extremely versatile and flexible to the infrastructure needs with an unparalleled compact footprint.

When it comes to resilience, protecting IT by deploying an N+1 configuration for additional redundancy might be the most reliable approach, but when increasing resilience, efficiency usually decreases. A great way to overcome this is to consider deploying a highly efficient and modular UPS, designed to adapt to critical and changing data centre demands.

Another major role is played by batteries, which are the last defence line in a mission critical application like a data centre. Any technologies helping preserve battery health and lifetime should be seen as a great improvement to resilience. Borri UPSaver 3vo UPS has been designed with the patented Green Conversion technology, based on a patented control algorithm, managing the battery-inverter subsystem to enhance double conversion efficiency and extend battery life.


Unlike conventional modular UPS, UPSaver 3vo power modules are controlled as current generators, ensuring the same overall UPS system performance, regardless of the number of modules, thus the size of the UPS system. Module current parallel major benefit is that no Circulating Currents can flow between power modules, and this results in:

• VFI efficiency over 97%.
• No system efficiency reduction.
• No stress on battery and power components.
• High power parallel systems can be easily implemented.

333 kW high rating power modules result in less components needed to build up the UPS units, thus higher inherent MTBF or Mean Time Between Failures, with respect to more common 200 kW and 250 kW power module’s ratings.

UPSaver 3vo can be configured with distribution sections including rectifier, output, and battery switches per each 333 kW power module. By this option, the unit can be upgraded and maintained while operating online VFI.

UPSaver 3vo is a grid interactive UPS, featuring peak shaving capability and adaptative capacitive input power. This in turns ensures maximum integration level with the surrounding electrical equipment, including generator sets, which can benefit of the above features to create a stable link with the UPS during mains failures. The main benefit is an extremely resilient system.


Most recent highlighted project: Italian Colocation Company

This customised project is a tender for the supply of UPSs and batteries for the new colocation data centre of an Italian colocation company. Borri and Legrand Data Center Solutions (LDCS) teams worked together to prequalify and win the tender.

Technical information:
6 x UPSaver 3vo 1250kW N+1 (250kVA power modules)

The customer chose two special blue and red RAL colours to differentiate stream A and B. Following the customer’s specification, all the systems are configured with distribution sections including rectifier, output, and battery switches per each power module. As a result, the unit can be upgraded and maintained while operating online VFI, simply extracting the power pack that needs maintenance.

What were the main challenges for this project?
During the FAT, UPSaver 3vo was effectively tested with a MTTR lower than 30 minutes, fulfilling the customer’s mandatory request to keep a very low mean time to repair.

Other Project Literature:

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• Enterprise Data Centre, Ireland -
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