Vail distributed multi-cloud data management software
Spectra Logic
Data Centre ICT Storage Innovation of the Year
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While the vast majority of organisations use and store data both on-premises and in the cloud, the management of that data -- including applications, cloud services and storage – can be overwhelming and difficult. Currently the management of data between separate clouds and sites is either manual or unique to each cloud vendor’s workflow, making it difficult for end users to navigate. For maximum productivity, data access must be seamless and easy. To achieve that, organisations are looking for new methods to unify and simplify storage across all platforms, creating one pool of storage that can live anywhere while remaining universally accessible and protected – in short, allowing any user, any data, any site, any cloud.

Spectra’s Vail® is the first of its kind. Vail is a distributed multi-cloud data management software that unifies and simplifies data access, usage and protection across on-premises storage, multiple clouds and storage platforms using a single global namespace, all while integrating public cloud services in a distributed workflow. Vail allows organisations to leverage existing on-premises applications and native cloud services, no matter where data is created or stored. The software accommodates unlimited capacity, object count, sites, users and applications.

Vail helps organisations to optimize fast access and cloud egress costs. The solution is storage agnostic, easily moving data to and between cloud providers to avoid cloud vendor lock-in. With multi-directional data synchronization across cloud(s) and existing on-premises storage, Vail’s configurable policy engine manages all data, making it accessible from any location and secured for long-term preservation and disaster recovery.

Additionally, Vail offers a number of features designed to make the solution ‘attack-hardened’, helping to mitigate against ransomware and other cybercrime threats. These include such benefits as:
- Data can be encrypted, single key per object, locked to your account
- Database can be encrypted, metadata, object names and locations
- Endpoints are hidden behind firewalls
- Object locking provides ransomware protection
- Self-Healing and versioning for data corruption/malicious protection
- Multi-site configuration for physical security
- Glacier to automated tape for air gap protection

Vail integrates on-premises and cloud storage across multiple clouds and sites, creating a single global namespace and in doing so, minimizes user management. Users no longer need to manually manage each data set and inherently know each cloud’s interface. Multi-directional data synchronization across clouds and on-premises storage is automated – when data is changed in one location, it automatically changes at other locations. A configurable policy engine manages data across multiple clouds and on-premises sites, accomplished at bucket level.

Vail is a breakthrough storage management solution that merges on-premises and cloud storage into a single managed storage platform with a single namespace and single management portal. Without Vail, each site and each cloud provider is treated like its own entity with individual storage, compute, and monitoring resources assigned. While some site-to-site replication is generally implemented, most sharing and data moves are manual or automated only in specific ways. Vail manages the synchronization of cloud and on-premises storage repositories so that customers can direct users to either type of storage based on that user’s locality and performance requirements. For applications that are running in the cloud, the Vail product can back up the cloud repositories being written to by those applications so that the customer maintains an independent copy of all their data. Vail enables workflows that leverage the best parts of cloud services while keeping data locally when needed, including on tape for the ultimate in air gap protection against ransomware. For datasets that are on-premises, Vail can synchronize them to public cloud storage so public cloud applications can leverage the same data as on-premises applications.

As the first of its kind, this innovative software disrupts the industry by delivering the flexibility to balance data location, performance and cost in a single managed, unified cloud-operating environment.
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