Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge servers certified to run Sunlight NexVisor
Edge Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
In partnership with Lenovo, Sunlight developed a combined solution that brings together Sunlight’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) stack with Lenovo’s compact and rugged Edge Compute Server, the ThinkSystem SE350.

After testing and certifying Lenovo’s server to run on Sunlight’s HCI stack, results confirm that the combined solution is ideal for data-intensive applications at the edge, such as IoT and AI, due to the small footprint and high performance it makes possible.

The combined solution goes beyond marginal improvements previously seen in the industry by bringing new benefits that enable a range of important use cases. The sky-rocketing use of applications such as AI and IoT often requires decisions to be made in real time, close to the source—for example, adjusting blade pitch on a wind turbine in response to changing wind conditions, or spotting and picking a defective component off a conveyor belt on the factory floor. These use cases require fast time-to-decision, in environments that are far from ideal, often with limited space and power and intermittent connectivity.

Lenovo responded to client demand for these requirements by pairing its workhorse, the ThinkSystem SE350, with an HCI with the small form factor and efficiency to run in ruggedized environments. Lenovo’s SE350 offers smart connectivity, security, and manageability for workloads running in harsh environments. Coupling it with Sunlight’s HCI creates the ideal platform for deploying multi-tenant VM-based and cloud-native applications with high availability, high performance and centralised management at a low cost.

The certification results from testing the SE350 in Lenovo’s demo lab in Stuttgart, Germany not only confirmed the platforms’ compatibility, but also found a range of critical benefits to end users:

● Ease of deployment: The complete Sunlight HCI stack can be installed on the SE350 in under an hour
● Compute efficiency: Sunlight memory overhead was less than 5% of total system resources - leaving maximum capacity for applications
● High performance: Storage performance available to virtual machines was nearly 2M IOPS across a two node cluster

The ThinkSystem SE350 and Sunlight’s HCI stack are small and rugged enough to run anywhere without compromising performance—even hung on the wall of a smart factory. With the partner solution, customers can simplify their edge architectures, and they can run multiple applications with high availability, full isolation, and access to millions of IOPS of storage performance – all in a 2 node cluster. That’s not possible with regular data center hyperconverged solutions, which take up most of an edge cluster’s resources just to boot – let alone run applications.
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