Vertiv™ VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Centre System
Edge Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
Deploy a Comprehensive Edge Micro Data Center Solution in Days
The Vertiv VRC-S edge-ready micro data centre system offers a comprehensive IT solution in a plug-and-play system that quickly and easily installs in edge applications or wherever your IT need is. The solution offers a fully factory assembled IT cabinet incorporating the Vertiv Geist power distribution unit (PDU) for intelligent switched outlet level monitoring across the rack; the new Vertiv™ VRC rack cooling kits offer up to 3.5kW of energy-efficient cooling with an integrated or split heat rejection system (-15°C or -34°C), and embedded Vertiv Intelligence Director software for remote monitoring and management of all system components under one IT address. The cabinet is based on the durable Vertiv VR rack. The Vertiv VRC-S is available in 24 standard models with your choice of four rack sizes, two different heat removal methods and the option to have a Vertiv GXT5 UPS integrated. It ships in days and installs in hours, enabling busy IT managers to save time, money, and headaches while taking advantage of a secure, efficient, convenient cooled rack solution for powering and protecting sensitive IT equipment at the edge or anywhere it exists.
Is a versatile product and suited for an extensive range of industries: Banking, Financial and Insurance Broadcast and Entertainment Chemical/Petrochemical (excl. Oil & Gas), Construction and Engineering Education Government Healthcare Manufacturing Military, Defense, Aerospace and Missile Professional Services Retail and Wholesale Transportation.
Key Benefits
- Fully factory assembled single cabinet Micro Data Center for IT edge applications, saving time and hassle with an all-in-one, pre-integrated micro data centre solution
- Integrates power distribution, up to 3.5 kW of cooling, and intelligent, outlet level monitoring in a plug-and-play solution and 6kVA UPS
- Easily deploys in weeks and can be installed in hours, saving time and money
- Minimises downtime through power continuity with a UPS and cooling continuity with a backup fan. An enclosed system increases cooling efficiency and protection for sensitive equipment
- Available in 24 standard models with a choice of four rack sizes, three cooling options, and optionally included UPS to match your IT equipment and site needs.
- Offers comprehensive remote monitoring and control capabilities from one IP address

At Vertiv we believe that sustainable product design, development, use, and disposal are critical to the longevity of our industry and the greater world. Check out the highlights of the sustainability features of the Vertiv™ VRC-S:
• Inverter compressor matches cooling and power consumption to increase energy efficiency
• Designed to reduce onsite labour and provide remote access and management
• Limit waste related to room modifications
• Optional Energy Star certified UPS with Lithium-Ion batteries
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