Datalec Precision Installations Provides Customer with Custom-Tailored Upgrades to Data Centre Facility to Meet Customer Demands
Datalec Precision Installations
Data Centre Consolidation/Upgrade Project Of The Year
Entry Description
The data centre this project relates to is a substantial 60k square foot facility that had an outdated optical design. The facility’s design caused cabling containment constraints and conversely restricted its ability to connect end customers data suites to meet with service level agreements. As a consequence, the customer reached out to DPI to update the facility, ultimately to meet their customer’s requirements.

Given the size of the site and the complexity created when working amongst existing building services, DPI had to be inventive in how it managed the project. Through innovative design solutions, DPI reverse engineered the project to effectively navigate old building infrastructure, such as lighting, fire suppression and security systems. The DPI team provided a bespoke end-to-end design with its ‘One Call, One Team’ service. DPI remained focused throughout the project delivering a proactive and personal customer project with the required agility, flexibility and adaptability for this substantial data centre project.

The key challenge was to identify and create new, secure, containment throughout the entire data center facility, whilst avoiding all congested routes and delivering new raceways to implement the new fibre optic ODF system. In result, the solution would future proof the facility to effectively meet the customers increasing client requirements.

To overcome the crowded environment, an intrusive survey was conducted on all the congested routes, identifying means of exit from existing points of presence. The output of the survey was to establish the design factors, and to develop innovative ways of routing and navigating the facility avoiding all existing building services. This was understandably a delicate operation, and one which necessitated a strong and expert project management and planning function. DPI’s highly experienced, fully qualified and certified in-house design, engineering, installation and project management teams brilliantly executed on the project to the customer’s specification, with exacting standards on time and within the customer’s budget. In fact, DPI’s rigorous project management and supervision ensures that solutions are implemented the first time, every time.

As a direct result of DPI’s bespoke solution, the data centre facility is now capable of delivering services within industry standard SLAs. Furthermore, the facility has the ability to scale colocation environments, provide additional colocation space or provide larger suites to suit various client requirements. DPI’s solution provided the flexibility and upgradeability required by all current and future customers.

In addition, Datalec Precision Installations provided the customer with surety and future confidence through the provision of post-project documentation that always forms part of its Operation and Maintenance Manuals.