The SynapSense system is a data center environmental monitoring and cooling management solution
Data Centre Intelligent Automation And Management Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
DCIM/DC Optimization software module that solves customer problems:

Hot spots
Over cooling
High / low humidity
Air delivery problems
By-pass air
Over/under pressurized plenum
Temperature, Pressure & RH/Dew point
Reports & Dashboards

Balance raised floor
Alter cooling unit set points for maximum energy savings
Maintain most efficient removal of heat
Airflow Remediation
Cooling Optimization
Cooling Cost Savings or Capacity Recovery

Active Control-
Risk mitigation while maintaining optimized state

Network Overview-
SynapSense gateways and nodes are joined in a wireless full mesh network
All components can communicate with each other and through each other.

Nodes will determine fastest path to gateway and send via that path

In contrast, a partial mesh network requires a pre-determined communication pathway. Specific devices must be configured to communicate to other devices.

Data aggregation
Central point of data collection
Multiple gateways per network provide redundancy
Cover 750-930 sqm each and 60 meters line of sight

Network management
Device joining
Route management

Gateways are the bridge between the WSN and the local wired network.