Nejat Ozol - Digital Manager
Data Centre Manager of the Year
Entry Description
Nejat Ozol, who works in Turkcell organization as Data Center Planning Manager, is being pioneer for Data Center industry in Turkey for both Turkcell and for other facilities as well.
In his career, he worked in different telco companies and helped project teams for data center projects. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, he guides the teams for taking the next big steps.
Before mentioning the achievements about digitalization in current company, should dictate that he also works in cooperation with telecommunication engineering people for certification and standardization of DC industry in Turkey.
Currently, he is leading the EN50600 Certification processes with Turkish Standard Institution so the Data Centers in Turkey can apply the certification for EN50600.
Why we call him Digital Manager?
In Turkcell there are lots of digitalization projects lead by him and start to expand by time.
We started with Turkcell Smart DC project to monitor and analyze data from all network data centers. This home-made DCIM software allows operators to monitor the systems continuously and get alarms if there is something goes off the road.
Nejat helped and guided the project team from the planning phase all the way to the final product. With his vision and guidance, the team reached out many different aspects and views.
Additionally, there are a couple of projects as well for monitoring racks with mobile applications and allow operators to watch the systems live from their phones. Also, suggested the team to use different RPA scenarios to make operator's life easier.
Besides all the brain works with the teams and projects in engineering side, he is also very friendly and approachable leader both personally and as a colleague.
We hope this award will be a small gesture from Data Center people to him and Turkish teams for the contribution to the industry in the region.
Best regards.