Sunlight Innovates Virtualization to Make it Easy to Deliver Edge Applications "as-a-Service"
Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
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Advances in technology are changing all aspects of the way we live and where we create data. Applications such as data analytics, IoT, AI, machine learning and smart cities are changing how data is created—whether in retail, with self-service store check-outs, or monitoring remote oil rigs, or running robotic automation on factory floors. This data creation is only accelerating, and we generate more data and in more places than ever before.

All this data needs to be managed and processed, and increasingly, this needs to happen in near-real-time. We’ve seen an explosion in use cases requiring data processing close to the source generating the data, often in harsh or hazardous environments — in other words, at the Edge. Gartner states that “around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2022, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%.”

Traditional software-defined infrastructure is slow, heavy, and difficult to automate. It’s too heavy for Edge infrastructure, too inefficient for hardware-accelerated core infrastructure, too slow for modern applications, and too rooted in the core data center for hybrid automation agility. It’s practically impossible to run a full Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) stack on a typical Edge cluster with room for workloads. Far Edge devices need a new approach for software infrastructure. They require compute that has small clusters, has low latency, is ruggedized, is highly efficient, is secure and resilient, and has great manageability and integration.

Designed to perform anywhere, Sunlight’s NexVisor HCI makes deploying and managing applications at the Edge simple. Sunlight is hybrid Software Defined Infrastructure that gets out of the way. It’s light – with a tiny footprint perfect for constrained Edge hardware; efficient – enabling 100% utilization of hardware-accelerated core infrastructure; fast – offers 10x+ storage and network performance; and it’s easy – centralized hybrid management and automation. A MariaDB and docker application running on Sunlight delivers 3x the application performance on exactly the same hardware on data center HCI.

By using Sunlight’s complete software-defined Edge computing stack, Enterprises and MSPs can save 80% of the cost of trying to deploy the leading data center hyperconverged solution at the Edge. Sunlight’s NexVisor HCI makes applications like AI, big data, analytics and video rendering run 3x faster compared to legacy virtualization.

Even more significant, the NexVisor HCI pairs with the Sunlight Infrastructure Manager (SIM) and Marketplace to make it simple to deploy and manage infrastructure and applications in highly distributed Edge environments as well as in the Cloud, enabling true Edge “Software as a Service” models. This is truly a break from conventional Edge offerings, the first true “Edge-as-a-Service” solution.
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