Critical Facility Management and Operations Software (CFM)
Entry Description
Data Center Operators aim to maintain high business continuity goals at the planned capacity throughout the facility life cycle. "Critical Facility Management and Operations Software (CFM)" is a groundbreaking software technology that helps them do exactly that; it renders the operation of Critical Physical Infrastructure less reliant on human input and hence, less prone to human error.

With CFM, we have succeeded at subsuming and orchestrating all the relevant processes that are conventionally found in fourteen different management solutions in a single software.

CFM enables Data Center Managers to define and track processes based on roles, responsibilities, and qualification of employees. In parallel, it monitors real-time status of physical infrastructure (Electrical, Mechanical and Environment), considers topological dependencies of electromechanical systems, and uses the collected information to track and coordinate human activities involved in the operational procedures. Digitalizing and corelating policies and standards shape human activities and generate an organizational culture which is crucial for the continuous improvement and the sustainability of the Data Center operation.

It is well known that majority of outages at Data Center stem from an individual operational error. CFM also succeeds at preventing a possible chain of deviations from normal operating conditions; therefore, it safeguards sustainability by ensuring effective governance of incident, problem, and maintenance management in the facility.

CFM follows ITIL v4 principles, topological dependencies with reference to Uptime Institute Tier Standards and Uptime Institute Sustainable Operations recommendations. While CFM integrates the conventional Building Management Systems, SCADA systems and OT Protocols, it is also compatible with IT protocols and IoT Platforms, allowing it to serve as SaaS platform at the next frontier, Edge Data Centers fueled by 5G, IoT and AI technologies.

Overall, CFM, interrelates real-time data from physical infrastructure, digitalize and correlates operational procedures and topological dependencies to provide a human-independent business culture with risk analyzes and decision-support mechanism.
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