Turkcell RPA
Data Centre ICT Compute Product of the Year
Entry Description
Organizations, such as DataCentre Solutions, helps the DC teams to keep track of the latest developments and technologies. DCS awards, makes people to see what is going on in the industry and ignite people to achieve more and more.
Therefore, it is important for Turkcell to participate and to be part of the DCS awards organization.
Turkcell is the largest telecommunication, information, and service provider company of Turkey. Growing potential of the company, pushing the teams to maintain certain level of quality and keep them working hard to take the company to the next level.
There are several directories in Turkcell which works for different services. One of the biggest directories in Turkcell is Data Center and Cloud Management. Inside Data Center Management, there are certain teams works specially for infrastructure management.
Operators of ICT departments need to check or perform lots of different tasks in their daily routine. RPA steps in to business here to make their work life easier.
Robotic Process Automation is technology that enables computer software to emulate the typical actions that humans perform by interacting with digital systems to run business processes.
They are systems that enable the transfer of routine works to software robots by automating processes that are rule-based, fixed and regular, repetitive, medium and high volume, prone to human error, thereby creating more value by turning to work with high added value, requiring analysis and judgment.

RPA brings in digital workforce and digitized employees, increases customer experience, reduces costs, automates routine work, speeds up processes, makes the error rate zero or close to zero, increases efficiency and functionality, increases employee experience and satisfaction. The first thought that comes to the mind is that if a robot will do this job, they can take my job away from me. However, after the processes had automated with RPA robots, less routine and manual work increases staff productivity and employee satisfaction.
Routine Control Robots
Created to automate OneDesk (Turkcell internal system) calls created for routine checks in data centers. Aims to carry out routine controls on time and without forget.
Manually, three minutes lasting call creation time has done in forty-five seconds by the robot.
Calls are opening for 8 locations and 24 halls. These controls have carried out twice a day during the pandemic process, so 106 Onedesk calls in total per day controlled by the robot for routine works in Data Centers.
Following scenarios have been prepared and started use for other routine controls;
Energy Control Robot
It has been prepared for our energy customer so that the controls made every night in the Gebze Data Center have not forgotten, and the call opening process has not skipped. After the call created, relevant team and customer has informed by e-mail.
ICT routine control robot
Failures, warnings and all sorts of alarms in white spaces of all devices creates calls for the control of the situations and notifies the relevant team by e-mail.
Camera control robot
It is prepared to control the cameras that are not working in the halls of Dudullu, Kartal, Yenibosna, Söğütözü data centers and to inform DC admins by e-mail by checking the last registration date retrospectively. It creates calls and notifies the relevant team by e-mail.
Warehouse Delivery Robot (RDA)
It is aimed to update the records of the devices sent from the data center to the warehouse on OneNT without any errors by the robot. This scenario will be run from the user's computer as RDA when needed.

Serial Number Inquiry Robot
Data center operation personnel can receive serial number, ciNo, ciName, location, cabinet etc. from the field via OneNT.

Asset Handling / Inventory Robot
It is aimed to automatically check the status of asset transport calls and update the records on the ERP by the robot, thus ensuring the accuracy of the inventory. Delays and human errors are also expected to be avoided here.

Dispatch Note
It is aimed that the data center operation personnel can prepare E-waybill without going from the field to the computer. It is expected to save approximately 10 minutes for each waybill, as in the serial number query robot.

Power Consumption
Automatic preparation of the report for customers requesting a power consumption report by collecting information from necessary points.

All these processes allow Turkcell personnel to be more creative and active working with additional achievements such as,
Preventing the possibility of making mistakes in manual transactions and accelerating the long-lasting work flow with the help of robots to gain operational awareness.
Speeding up the work flow within the team, laying the groundwork for more work to be done.
Reduce the workload within the team and allow time to be allocated to other works in the time saved.
Carrying customer satisfaction to higher levels and increasing the workforce within the team in processes that touch the customer.
Increasing the satisfaction of the personnel in the site.

In summary, with all the effort and hard work of the engineers and technicians, sharing the excitement of all the project members, we sincerely hope to participate and to be nominated for these awards.
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