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What are your company's key distinguishing features and/or USP?

Zerto delivers disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility through a single cloud data management and protection platform. Zerto’s distinguishing features come in three categories: performance and scale, data mobility and migrations, and a converged experience.

Zerto brings the following key differentiators for performance and scale:
• Always-on replication delivering RPOs of seconds;
• Journaling technology that gives users the ability to recover entire data centres, applications, VMs, folders and files in just a few clicks;
• Software-only, scale-out architecture that allows you protect thousands of VMs without sacrificing performance or simplicity;
• The Zerto platform has built in orchestration to automate the protection and management of any disruption (both planned and unplanned), removing manual processes saving time and resources;
• Use a disruption-free on-demand sandbox to perform tests, scan for vulnerabilities, and patch management when needed.

Data mobility and migrations:
• Easily use the public cloud or managed service providers for disaster recovery and backup operations;
• Migrate workloads to, from, and between clouds without impact to production or data loss;
• Zerto is vendor and cloud agnostic, pick the infrastructure and platform that works for any customer; and
• When migrating or replicating to the cloud, workloads are converted to run on different environments natively, automated configuration and re-IP as needed as well as using native services like scale sets, queues and cloud storage services that have been expressly designed to maximize availability and minimize data loss.

One single, converged experience allows organisations to:
• Protect, recover, and move applications within a couple of clicks, from the same UI.
• Protect and recover virtualized, SaaS, and containerized (Kubernetes) applications with ease using one platform;
• Utilize Analytics - included in the Zerto platform – which provides one single, comprehensive view of a customer’s entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment, assisting organisations in making better informed decisions and proactive planning, to achieve an efficient, IT resilient mode of operation; and
• Gain multiple options to recover from ransomware, from hot to cold storage.

What tangible impact has your company had on the market and your customers?

Traditional backup and disaster recovery systems are based on snapshots and saving data to tapes. This kind of outdated technology creates gaps in an organisation’s data: if its last backup took place days or even hours before a ransomware attack occurs, all the data that was created between the backup and the attack will be lost forever. With Zerto, organisations will see minimal data loss and downtime by allowing users to rewind and recover data with granularity from any point in time—and do so within seconds of a disruptive event. A great example of this is Tencate, a multinational textile company who experienced two ransomware attacks – Their experience using backups the first time led to a 12-hour data loss and a two-week recovery. After implementing Zerto, they were unfortunate to be attacked a second time, but the data loss was a mere 10 seconds and recovery was under 10 minutes.

The recent announcement of Zerto 9, adds many Ransomware Resilience features such as immutability; safeguarding data in the cloud to prevent malicious deletion or modification of data, including ransomware; as well as Instant Restore, Automated VM Protection and cloud Tiering all to aid in the combat against Ransomware.

For customers, CDP provides an always-on customer experience while simplifying workload mobility to protect, recover, and move applications freely across existing systems, hybrid, and multi-clouds. Zerto’s CDP enables every write made to any protected VM’s disks to be copied to the recovery site with no impact on storage latency or production performance. Additionally, Zerto is constantly innovating its platform to include support for additional cloud platforms and cloud tiering to deliver secure and cost-effective archive storage and simplified management for end users and MSPs.

Zerto’s platform is ideal for any organisation that wants to ensure that its customers will never experience a site outage or online disruption again. Many customers also rely on Zerto to move IT workloads to, from, and between cloud platforms without risking anything happening to their data. Zerto provides customers with multi-cloud agility, meaning that they can work with multiple cloud platforms at once, such as Azure, AWS and IBM cloud, to further accelerate their business.

Alan Barrett, Head of IT at TWM Solicitors commented: “Prior to having Zerto, I would’ve had to literally run a backup, restore, backup, restore. It probably would’ve taken me two to three days restoring and configuring. Prior to that, I probably would’ve had to spend up to a week to be fully operational again.”

Talking about the Zerto platform, Alan continued, “We set up the platform and did the failover and it literally took a couple hours and I was so impressed. It just wired, and it was easy to do...It’s just so easy. And that, for me, is the brilliance”.

What levels of customer service differentiate you from your competitors.

Zerto Technical Support and customer success live together. While Zerto makes “Customer First” resonate throughout the customer journey, Zerto pays special attention to it within Technical Support. The IT Central Station customer satisfaction rating (4.6/5) underlines how well Zerto supports their customers, with one review on IT Central Station stating that: “Support is VERY important, and Zerto knocks it out of the park!” – Zerto customer, Financial Services (read full review here).

From Gartner Peer Insights:
As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer explained on Gartner Peer Insights, “Their staff is super talented, and most issues are solved first call.” – Zerto Customer, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, Service Industry (read full review).

With a dedicated staff of Technical Support Engineers to cover Zerto’s customers’ backup and data protection needs 24/7/365, we confidently assure customers that we’ll be there to provide timely resolution to any issues they experience. This has led us to have a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.

What are the major differentiators between your company and your primary competitors?

Zerto has industry-leading RTOs and RPOs (of seconds) and its single software only cloud data management and protection platform that converges continuous backup, disaster recovery, and data mobility, across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, mitigating the risks of downtime and data loss, while eliminating the risks and complexities of modernisation and the need for multiple tools to achieve faster cloud adoption.

Zerto has transformed the global data protection market by opening the benefits of its unique and differentiated CDP technology through a single software-only platform for all application tiers. With this advancement, enterprises using the Zerto platform have gained the ability to tailor data protection strategies and cost optimisation models to their specific needs. This also sets Zerto apart from its competitors as the only platform to provide cloud data management and protection using CDP to enable enterprises to mobilise, protect, manage, and recover applications across public and hybrid clouds without downtime or data loss.

Zerto leverages its CDP with its continuous journaling and replication to eliminate the need for snapshot-based backup solutions. For decades, organisations have relied on backup technology to help solve every day, routine disruptions that require the quick restore of recent files, folders, or VMs, as well as using backup to store data for compliance requirements. Organisations can now use Zerto to replace legacy backup for al use cases with its market-leading CDP technology, delivering unmatched granularity, RPOs, and speed-of-recovery.

Zerto is changing the status quo for data protection, and this year we were proud to be recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery* for the first time, validating Zerto as a new player in this space and one that is changing the game. As part of it, Zerto’s strengths included:
- Converged backup and DR solution — Zerto provides a single platform that combines backup and DR functionality, thus simplifying data protection architectures. Its CDP-based architecture allows for very low RPOs.
- Operational simplicity — Gartner Peer Insights customer reviews and Gartner client inquiries indicate that Zerto offers an intuitive UI that facilitates ease of use.
- Cross-platform recovery — The Zerto platform supports recovery of VMware or Hyper-V VMs on AWS or Microsoft Azure, thus providing multiple options for recovery.

Additional key differentiators include:
• The Zerto platform delivers 50% TCO savings over traditional, non-continuous data protection and disaster recovery solutions. We deliver these savings by reducing data loss to seconds, downtime to mere minutes, and significantly simplifying ongoing management and administration. And we do this with fundamental architectural, technical choices that together stack up to be dramatically less than everything that's required for traditional backup and replication solutions.
• Zerto for Kubernetes is the only solution to provide CDP-based backup and disaster recovery to integrate into the application deployment lifecycle for containerised applications to enable data protection as code. Z4K supports Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and Red Hat OpenShift.

*Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions, 19 July 2021, Santhosh Rao | Nik Simpson | Michael Hoeck | Jerry Rozeman
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