Ku:l Data Centre
Entry Description
A quietly efficient and highly scalable liquid-cooled solution for accommodating variable-scale AI/HPC workloads in Colocation

The Ku:l Data Centre solution will inspire, motivate and challenge in equal measures. Highly configurable and scalable, this GPU-rich solution enables variable-scale AI/HPC workloads to be deployed in colocation whilst offering improved energy efficiency and high-grade heat recovery which can be reused.

Capturing close to 100% of the heat generated from every part of the system, the Ku:l Data Centre solution offers extreme cooling performance using Iceotope’s precision immersion liquid cooling to deliver dielectric coolant directly to the hotspots. This maximises the cooling at chassis-level and means there is no front-to-back air cooling, no bottom-to-top immersion constraints and no physical space wasted.

Encapsulating Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 server each liquid-cooled chassis is 100% sealed completely isolating the critical IT and rendering the system impervious to dust, gases, and humidity. Each chassis is a sensor-rich environment monitoring everything from fluid level, fluid temperatures and pressure. The Advanced Management Out of Band Add In Card offers complete control of server component sensors, remotely.

Designed as a retrofittable liquid cooling solution, the Ku:l Data Centre is highly scalable and comes in multiple deployment configurations, from a 92kW two rack retrofit with up to 32x servers on closed loop local heat rejection, to a multiple rack enterprise-grade centralised data centre with heat rejected on an isolated water loop to facility systems.

Removing the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure enables this solution to operate in near silence — bringing game-changing reductions in energy, water and space consumption, and significant cost reductions in the design, build and operation of data centres.
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