Qumulo Core
Entry Description
Qumulo Core is a high-performance file data platform designed to help customers store, manage and build workflows and applications with data in its native file form, at massive scale, across on-premise and cloud environments.

Designed along three pillars (store, manage, build), the system allows you to securely store petabytes of active file data, easily manage it with real-time IT operational analytics and build automated workflows and applications. Storing petabytes of file data is as crucial as ever, given nearly every industry is undergoing a digital transformation and becoming data-intensive. But Qumulo goes a step beyond its competitors by creating simplified, scalable solutions that are enjoyable for the end-user.

Qumulo believes that managing data should be simple and delightful; therefore, Qumulo Core was designed to show users everything they need, and nothing they don’t. It has a flash-first design that enables uniformly fast ingestion. The dashboards were designed to showcase capacity awareness, performance awareness and usage awareness at a glance. This allows customers to easily visualize how their data is growing and predict capacity growth trends in real-time.

For example, award-winning Animation Studio Jam Filled Entertainment deployed Qumulo Core to centralize and accelerate its massive animation file stores. Jam Filled anticipates tight deadlines as part of its work with premiere studios and multiple projects. Its legacy system began to frequently slow down and crash, leaving the artists to wait until the network was back online. With Qumulo Core, Jam Filled saw a major boost in uptime and productivity, freed up IT for innovative new projects, saved more than 50% of data center space, saved on energy costs and gained insight into real-time native analytics.

“Since we’ve implemented the Qumulo platform, we’ve never had a single person complain about file system performance — and it’s a relatively small cluster. If we need higher performance in the future, all we have to do is add more nodes.” – Aaron Pearce, Director of Systems Engineering at Jam Filled Entertainment

Qumulo Core’s architecture was designed with hardware flexibility in mind for customer ease. In their first year as a company, the Qumulo team interviewed hundreds of file storage customers and one of the strongest themes to emerge was a desire to have the freedom to run file storage on the latest data center hardware, as well as in the public cloud. Qumulo Core’s “hardware agnostic” software design leads to ease of feature implementation by creating a clear abstraction layer from the hardware as well as higher confidence in testing.

Most vendors in the data management space have been around for decades and are confined to legacy standards. Qumulo recognizes that legacy scale-out and scale-up solutions weren’t designed to handle today’s data volumes, file types, applications, and workloads – nor provide the visibility, control, and scale that customers need to manage their data. Qumulo stands out with its interoperability across software platforms, cost-effective performance, unmatched customer delight and unique approach to the hybrid cloud that lets you manage your data seamlessly between your data center and cloud environments.