2bm help their client to repatriate 20 existing comms rooms, into a single, dedicated data centre that would be housed at their UK headquarters
Data Centre Energy Efficiency Innovation of the year
Entry Description
As well as meeting our client’s key objectives for a resilient, reliable and high-quality
facility for critical equipment, 2bm also considered ways in which to contribute to the
sustainable development of the local environment, economy and community in which a
facility is located.
This included addressing any environmental and energy concerns as part of our decisionmaking process, designing and building a data centre that was both future-proofed and
In addition, 2bm acted in a socially responsible manner when it came to our supply chain
and the management of our internal operations and logistics.
2bm is ISO 14001 approved and accredited with the Green iiE award, the highest accolade
for business effi ciency. We are also CEEDA certifi ed designers, members of the Green
Grid, the Data Centre Alliance and endorsers of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres
– which means each and every one of our designs will be beyond compliant when it
comes to the latest data centre standards and practices.
Due to confi dentiality agreements, we are not at liberty to name the client or the
location of the data centre. However we have included a testimonial from the client
about their experience in working with 2bm in past projects and can provide physical and
material evidence to support our award entry, should the judges deem necessary
Supporting Documents