Rutger Koning, Engineer of the Year, CBRE DCS
CBRE Data Centre Solutions
Entry Description
Rutger has been with CBRE for over 3 years, starting with us straight from school, having completed is MBO Diploma. He began as a temporary hire through an employment agency, however he quickly demonstrated his competence and was offered a full time contract with CBRE working on our confidential client site in Eemshaven, the Netherlands.
Rutger was very eager to learn and very quickly learned all the procedures and works that required to operate the data center.
Over time he underwent significant training and has developed himself more and more to become one of the most important technicians on the server floor. He is an invaluable member of the Client site team and knows the system inside out, being trusted to solve problems and lead the team well beyond his years.
The Client team recognised him for his contributions and as a result, he was asked him to join the commissioning team for a new build data center site.
Here he learned so much that he developed more knowledge than a lot of other team members that were much older than him and implemented several improvements for the customer that have been used also on other Client data centers. For confidentiality reasons we cannot share this information.
Rutger had an immense impact on the commissioning stage of the project and was instrumental in training the new site team, to ensure they were familiar with both the CBRE and Client processes and procedures. Once the full team was ingrained and the site went live he returned to his operations role with a great deal of extra knowledge.
He used this valuable knowledge to train other team members and help them on a daily basis. Our Client is expanding again, and the first engineer they requested for the commissioning team was Rutger, he is now leading this new project for the CBRE team which is a great accomplishment.
As Critical service Supervisor, Rudolf Thijssing is Rutger’s manager and has stated that “Rutger takes great responsibility in developing the teams’ working methods in terms of increasing efficiency and quality, and he has repeatedly shown that he goes the extra mile to solve a task, on time and with a very high quality result. I have repeatedly received excellent feedback from the Client on his performance and collaborative spirit and he is a great talent.”
Rutger Koning is truly one of the best engineers we have onsite and both CBRE and our Client are very thrilled with his performance and proud to have him in our team.