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Entry Description
The Challenge: One of the largest global enterprises built out a cloud strategy with a commitment to exit strategic data centers within a finite timeline. Delays to data center closures would result in substantial lease penalties and missing spend commitment targets with their cloud partner. The customer initially set an 18-month timeline to migrate 700+TB to the cloud from on-premises data centers. The initial approach would leverage manual data analysis and movement tools and scripts to move the data. Ten months into the endeavor, the customer realized that they could not meet the required timelines, resulting in millions in unbudgeted costs and overages.

Key challenges to execute on the initiative were:

Cloud strategy had been formulated but was focused on application and compute, not on data
Lack of understanding of the data and its underlying storage infrastructure
No knowledge of ownership, and in turn impact to transition to cloud
Double digit growth in data footprint, causing further management complexities
Data center lease expirations would result in penalties associated with not exiting in time
Escalating maintenance costs of legacy equipment
Assumption that additional manpower will address the issue

The customer needed a solution that could help them efficiently and securely migrate data to the cloud and exit data centers across one of their largest global footprints. They required a unified platform that could accelerate the journey to the cloud at scale, mitigate risk via automation and provide intelligence via classification of the data for future use.

The Solution: Data Dynamics’ Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform was selected based on the automation and intelligence it could provide, its proven track record with other Fortune 100 companies, and its ability to execute flawlessly. The Unified Platform was deployed in a hybrid environment, providing an architecture that optimized both cloud and on-prem resources. Training and support were delivered by Data Dynamics ‘Customer First’ support team, and the product was configured to maximize analysis and migration speeds to meet exit timelines. Leveraging both the Platform interface and its robust RESTful APIs, the customer was able to build out a workflow that automated the process and required minimal interaction from their internal teams.

The Benefits: The customer was able to complete the analysis and migration in under 4 months and accelerate its timelines to the cloud. Migrations were completed seamlessly and without error, mitigating risk of business disruption and maximizing uptime. Implementation of the Platform from Data Dynamics resulted in a savings of over $1.4 million in storage costs and avoidance of millions in lease penalties, deriving in year ROI on the investment made into the Platform.
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